UPDATED: Maiduguri Stands, Monguno Falls

UPDATED: Maiduguri Stands, Monguno Falls

Boko Haram militants and soldiers of the Nigerian army have been engaged in a fierce battle for the city of Maiduguri since last night. 

Premium Times reports that the nearby town of Monguno has already been seized by Boko Haram insurgents.

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One security source told journalists: “We had a sleepless night till this morning because this elements tried to enter Maiduguri from Dalwa and Limanti axis but our soldiers were able to repel them. They retreated and took another flank around Njimtilo this morning and our troops hav been engaging them there too.

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Njimtilo is just 20 kilometres away from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

Troops, accompanied by members of the Civilian-JTF, were seen moving towards Njimtilo.

Maiduguri residents who live not far from Njimtilo have already fled their homes.

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Witnesses revealed that gunshots and shelling were heard from soldiers of the Nigerian Air Force Base and the 33 Artillery brigade.

The Nigerian air force are using fighter jets to battle the insurgents out of the city boudaries.

Nigeria’s defence headquarters has revealed that Maiduguri is now in lockdown mode as a curfew has been announced in the capital city.

The defence headquarters tweeted via its handle “Troops are repelling a simultaneous attack on Monguno and Maiduguri by terrorists.

“Curfew is imposed on #MAIDUGURI with immediate effect till further notice as pursuit of retreating terrorists begin.”

It added, “Coordinated Air and Land OPs being conducted now.”

UPDATE: Maiduguri Stands But Monguno Falls

The Boko haram attack on Maidudguri has been foiled by Nigerian army soldiers according to Premium Times.

But sadly the neighbouring town of Monguno has been taken over by terrorists who have invaded and captured a military barrack there.

One senior soldier revealed that the insurgents have been attacking on different fronts, revealing that Konduga, a town 35km from Maiduguri is also under attack.

When contacted the soldier said: “we have decimated the idiots (from Maiduguri) but Monguno has fallen”.

Earlier military officials confirmed that they stopped Boko Haram insurgents from getting access to the heart of the city.

Dozens of people including Boko Haram insurgents, soldiers, vigilantes and residents passed away during the attack.

One military officer said: "Many of the terrorists have been killed by own troops and others are retreating, we are pursuing them with the aid of air strike".

As of now the city of Maiduguri is in absolute silence following the declaration of curfew.

As of the injured, they are currently being treated at the University of Maiduguri.

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, last week in a video boasted about having more than enough arms to execute a major war against Nigeria.

Source: Legit.ng

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