Jesus Christ Appears In Northern Lights Above Iceland

Jesus Christ Appears In Northern Lights Above Iceland

A breathtaking image of  Jesus Christ appeared before the eyes of a stunned photographer near the Icelandic town of Akranes.

The lucky photographer Jón Hilmarsson was taking pictures of the northern lights when a huge silhouette strongly resembling Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, appeared.

Jón said: "This was the most beautiful and vivid northern light display I have ever seen. We usually see green auroras but that night I saw bright green, red and purple colour, which is very unusual. Many people see the shape of Christ but also an angel formation.

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It made me a little bit stressed and also excited to be there and witness this natural phenomenal in the sky, it was a unique night even though we have very often bright and beautiful northern lights in Iceland.

It was wonderful to photograph, the lights were dancing through the sky and constantly exploding, giving me all kinds of different formation to follow and admire."

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The aurora borealis or the northern lights is a natural light display in the sky predominantly seen in the high latitude, Arctic and Antarctic regions. An aurora seen within the auroral oval may be directly overhead, but from farther away they illuminate the poleward horizon as a greenish glow, or sometimes a faint red or even purple.


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