Boko Haram 'Burn To The Ground' 16 MORE Towns And Villages

Boko Haram 'Burn To The Ground' 16 MORE Towns And Villages

Boko Haram militants reportedly razed at least 16 Borno State towns and villages in new multiple attacks.

P.M. News confirmed yesterday referring to the local officials that after the seizure of the strategic town of Baga many other communities were destroyed.

Head of the Kukawa LGA, Musa Bukar, said:

"They (Boko Haram) burnt to the ground all the 16 towns and villages, including Baga, Doron-Baga, Mile 4, Mile 3, Kauyen Kuros and Bunduram."

Another official, head of Borno’s fish traders union and a Baga native, Abubakar Gamandi, added that hundreds of people had been forced out of their homes and about 560 of them got trapped on islands on Lake Chad.

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All this was obtained Thursday, January 8, as President Goodluck Jonathan was delivering his speech during Lagos rally ahead of the February elections.

One of the main points of criticism directed at Jonathan is related to insurgency in the North-East and GEJ's inability to tackle the issue.

After the capture of Baga, Nigerian experts raised alarm as such development meant that the militants now controlled all the 3 of Borno state’s borders with Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

According to Bukar, the insurgents launched another gruesome attack in Baga  Wednesday having burnt down almost the entire town.

Gamandi said that the number of those dead and missing was yet to be determined.

Regarding the escaped victims trapped on Lake Chad islands since Saturday attack in Baga, he said that some people were "dying from lack of food, cold and malaria on the mosquito-infested island".

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"I was in constant touch with them until this morning when the phone they were using went off which I assume was due to dead battery."

Meanwhile the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, whose country was threatened in the recent video by Boko Haram leader (or his impostor), Abubakar Shekau, lamented that the international counter-terrorism agreement had not been implemented.

Biya said that the African Union and other international organisations should have proposed a global response to this global terrorism threat. The Cameroonian leader said such an issue could be treated only on the the global level, The Nation reports.

Addressing the diplomats, Biya said he appreciated the assistance of the United Nations, Germany, France, Britain, China, Russia, and the United States, but he did not specify the type of assistance Cameroon has received.


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