Meet Old Lady Who Can't Live Without Weightlifting

Meet Old Lady Who Can't Live Without Weightlifting

Meet Ms. Willie Murphy, self-taught and self-trained 77-year-old weightlifter from Rochester, New York, USA.

Ms. Murphy started lifting just a few years ago when she saw a sign at her local YMCA for a weight-lifting competition. When she asked if she could participate, an employee said, "Go for it, granny."

Since then, the old lady could not imagine her life without weightlifting. The woman, whose weight is 48 kilograms is capable of doing one-handed push-ups, one-handed pull-ups, fingertip push-ups and even dead-lifting over 90kg.

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The septuagenarian who works out three days a week recently won Lifter of the Year at the World Natural Powerlifting Federation World Championships. Since her victory, Murphy's been getting a lot of love at the gym.

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The super woman says it's important for younger people to see her at the gym. "They see I'm old and I'm not being pushed around in a wheelchair. I can shovel my own snow. And I can push my car if it gets stuck in the snow... I'm almost 80 years old and I am still living life."

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"I never use the words ‘I can’t. I would just simply say, ‘I will try.’ That’s the way I live my life, just trying to do my bets every day," Murphy says.


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