ASK NAIJ: Should I Keep Waiting For My Husband Or Re-Marry?

ASK NAIJ: Should I Keep Waiting For My Husband Or Re-Marry?

I got married in 2006. A year later in 2007, my husband relocated to the US.

The plan was for him to settle there and then bring me and our only son to join him. It's been six long years and he has been giving us excuses upon excuses.

He confessed that he married a white woman there but only to get his papers but I later found out he was living with this woman.

When I called him a few months ago I heard a child crying at the background, so I'm suspecting they also have a child together though he says the child is the lady's child and not his. I don't believe him.

I have no way of finding out the truth because I have no one in the US to help me investigate. He has only returned home once since he traveled and this was in 2010.

I feel like I'm wasting my life waiting for him especially now that I met someone else who wants to marry me. I'm not divorced from my husband so marrying another man would be illegal.

When I suggested divorce to my husband he flipped and told me to give him more time that he will come home as soon as he's stable there. I'm tired of waiting.

I need a man in my life. Can I remarry because I think my husband is also married.


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