5 Facts About Koinon and Its Cryptocurrency (KOIN) and Ecosystem

5 Facts About Koinon and Its Cryptocurrency (KOIN) and Ecosystem

Koinon is smashing the final barriers to simple, frictionless cryptocurrency payments for all Unbanked or Underbanked, NGO’s, Enterprises and Merchants.

1. Designed and built to be a leading-edge, global, cross border payment solution

2. Enables a FinTech ecosystem that is inclusive of licensed financial institutions, which are fully KYC and AML compliant

3. Intentionally built and launched without an ICO and its associated energy consumption

4. 125 million KOIN was produced – no additional KOIN will ever be produced

5. Blockchain went live on September 20, 2018, and has run without incident or downtime since then

5 Facts About Koinon and Its Cryptocurrency (KOIN) and Ecosystem
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Five reasons why Koinon is the present and future of digital payments:

1. FAST: 0.003-0.008 second per transaction – BTC 60 minutes, ETH 6 minutes

2. VERY LOW COST: 0.0001 Koin ($0.0001) – BTC $20.00, ETH $30.00, ADA $0.20 per transaction

3. SCALABLE: 40,000 transactions per nanosecond – BTC 7 per second, ETH 20 per second, ADA (Cardano) 257 per second, Visa 24,000 per second

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4. ULTRA SECURE: Koinon’s blockchain Komodo uses dPOW (delayed Proof of Work) and secures all transactions for permanent immutable and historical block storage

5. NO MINING EVER: BTC consumes 0.5% of the world’s daily electricity production and 7X Google’s daily consumption

Five partners:

1. Komodo Blockchain https://komodoplatform.com/en/

2. AtomicDEX https://atomicdex.io

3. Africa Stablecoin Initiative (https://stablecoins.africa/)

4. Microsoft Azure https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/

5. SECDEX https://www.secdex.net

Five projects:

1. KoinLiving (TBA)

2. Ogelle – Africa’s “YouTube” with 4 million users https://ogelle.com/home

3. Savé Valley Conservancy http://savevalleyconservancy.org

4. KOIN Work – Top freelancers from Africa https://koinwork.jobs

5. Blockchain courses for Africa https://manera.school/index

Five applications:

1. P2P transfers and remittances

2. B2B Cross border cloud payments

3. Digital retail, eCommerce and omnichannel Point of Sale (POS)

4. Digital currencies, blockchain design, and development

5. Consulting to Financial institutions, Central Banks, and governments

Five facts about the Founder, Matthew Mecke:

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1. +26-year veteran of the digital payments industry and one of the world’s pioneers of global FinTech

2. 26 years living and building companies in emerging markets – China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and now Kenya

3. Co-founded and built Asia’s first 14 currency regional eCommerce processing hub (US NASDAQ listed)

4. Built, operated, funded, and publicly listed four-card processing and e-Commerce merchant acceptance businesses over the last 20 years

5. Recent Certifications: Harvard University – Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (2019); and MIT Sloan School of Business – Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application (2019)



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