100+ interesting Scottish girl names, their meanings and origins

100+ interesting Scottish girl names, their meanings and origins

With its towering castles, beautiful rivers, and rolling highlands, Scotland is inarguably one of the most picturesque countries in the world. Besides its scenic lands, world-famous bagpipes, and whiskey, the country is also famous for some nice-sounding, unique names. If you are looking for a beautiful name for your newborn baby, you may want to consider choosing from the numerous Scottish girl names available today.

Scottish female names
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Here is a look at some amazing female Scottish names.

The best Scottish girl names

What are the most popular Scottish girl names? Here are 100+ beautiful Scottish female names to choose from when naming your baby girl.

Top Scottish first names for girls

Here is a look at some common Scottish female names.

  • Elspeth: Pledged to God.
  • Maisie: Scottish for ‘pearl.’
  • Alana: A name of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘beauty.’
  • Greer: Alert and watchful.
  • Davita: Stands for ‘admired and loved.’
  • Rossalyn: This one has Scottish origins and means ‘peninsula.’
  • Kenna: Means for ‘born of fire.’
  • Morven: A commonplace name derived from the Morvern Peninsula.
  • Makenna: Scottish for ‘child of the handsome one.’
  • Shona: Gaelic for ‘God is gracious.’
  • Mackenzie: Means ‘child of Kenneth.’
  • Kylie: Aboriginal name meaning ‘boomerang.’
  • Kenina: Means ‘a person born out of the fire.’
  • Caitriona: Gaelic for ‘pure.’
  • Ronalda: Means ‘wise ruler.’
  • Vertie: Means ‘virtuous.’
  • Senga: Chaste or pure
  • Eara: Scottish name meaning ‘from the East.’
  • Nessa: This is one of the most Celtic girl names. It means 'from the headland.'
  • Nes: Means ‘gentle and descent.’
  • Drew: Brave
  • Aileen: Giver of life
  • Blair: Dweller of the plain
  • Kirsten: Scandinavian variation of Christine. It means ‘follower of Christ.’
  • Davonna: A leader
  • Reyne: Ruler or queen.
  • Ava: Popular name in Scotland meaning ‘bird.’

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Unique Scottish baby names

Scottish first names
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If you would want a Scottish name that stands out, here is a look at some uncommon Scottish baby girl names.

  • Kilmeny: A church or monastery.
  • Neilina: Champion or passionate.
  • Catriona. Scottish for ‘pure.’
  • Mhari: Loved and adored.
  • Mina: Diminutive of Marina, meaning ‘of the sea.’
  • Yvaine: The Scottish female variation of Yvain. It means ‘evening star.’
  • Saundra: Protector of humanity.
  • Iona: This one is derived from a small island off Scotland’s coast.
  • Rigin: A name of ancient Anglo-Saxon origin meaning ‘near a ridge.’
  • McKinley: Scottish for ‘son of the fair hero.’
  • Mirren: Means ‘beloved’, ‘drop of the sea’, or ‘bitter.’
  • Lexi: Diminutive of Alexandra, meaning ‘a saviour of warriors.’
  • Lilias: This has Latin origin and means ‘lily.’
  • Lyle: A person who lives on an island.
  • Lachina: Land of lakes.
  • Davina: A name with Hebrew origins meaning ‘small deer.’
  • Adair: Scottish and English ‘shallow river near oaks.’
  • Lainey: Means ‘bright shining light.’
  • Jaime: From Hebrew for ‘God protects.’
  • Slaine: Healthy

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Funny Scottish names for girls

Scottish baby girl names
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As is popular in most countries and cultures, some traditional and modern-day Scottish names are hilarious. Here is a look at some of the funniest Scottish girls names.

  • Gormlaith: Famous princess
  • Ailish: A common Scottish and Irish name meaning: ‘noble.’
  • Gavina: Means ‘hawk woman.’
  • Cora: Young woman
  • Bluebell: Has Latin origins and means ‘gratitude and everlasting love.’
  • Mairi: The Scottish variation of Mary. It means ‘bitter.’
  • Morag: Great
  • Campbell. Means ‘crooked mouth.’
  • Kyleigh: Boomerang or narrow piece of land.
  • Nandag: Merciful and glorious
  • Vaila: Scottish for ‘foreign isle.’
  • Ailsa: Elf victory
  • Cameron: Scottish for ‘crooked nose.’
  • Mhairi: A variant of Mary, meaning ‘bitter.’
  • Fenella: Celtic for ‘white-shouldered person.’
  • Sima: Means ‘face’ or ‘listener.’
  • Minnie: Faithful guard or desire.
  • Marsali: Gaelic for a warrior.
  • Isobel: The Scottish variation of Isabel. It means ‘pledge to God.’
  • Eilidh: Gaelic for ‘radiant one.’
  • Bonie: Means ‘gorgeous.’
  • Alba: A Scottish designation of Latin origin meaning ‘white.’
  • Leith: Means 'river.'
  • Erwina: Good and trustworthy
  • Kellina: Strong-willed.
  • Grace: Charm, goodness, and generosity.
  • Mikenzie: Scottish for ‘wide leader.’
  • Esme: French for beloved.
  • Caitir: Pure nature
  • Albe: Stable and responsible
  • Orla: This one has Irish origins and means ‘golden princess.’
  • Katie: Diminutive of Katherine, meaning ‘pure.’

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What are some traditional Scottish names?

Scottish names for girls
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As Scottish society evolves, more girl names keep popping up. Still, there are some names that are closely associated with ancient Scottish culture. Here is a look.

  • Daviana: This means ‘a favourite of all.’
  • Rory: A name of Irish origin that means ‘red king.’
  • Islay: A place-name from the Hebrides Archipelago.
  • Leslie: Stands for ‘garden of Holly.’
  • Arable: messenger or angel of The Almighty.
  • Jessie: Diminutive of Jessica, meaning ‘wealthy.’
  • Skye: A place title associated with the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
  • Leana: Favor or grace.
  • Isla: Means ‘island’ and is among the most popular Scottish baby girl names.
  • Elaine: French for ‘shining light’ or ‘bright.’
  • Finley: This means ‘fair-haired hero’ and has Irish origins.
  • Kirstine: The name from which the nickname Kirsty is derived. It means ‘believer.’
  • Lorna: Means victory and honour.
  • Rowan: Irish for ‘little redhead.’
  • Elsbeth: Scottish version of Elizabeth meaning ‘God is bountiful.’
  • Anabell: A famous Scottish term that means ‘harmony and peace.’
  • Lennox: Means ‘elm grove.’
  • Arabella: This one is of Latin origin and stands for ‘yield in prayer.’
  • Una: This has Latin origin and means ‘lamb.’
  • Osla: Means ‘person from a steep place.’
  • Eileen: Bright and shining one
  • Olivia: This one has Latin origins and means ‘olive tree.’
  • Gordana: Old Scottish for ‘confident and powerful.’

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Scottish girl names are inarguably some of the best-sounding and unique names you can give a female child. Before choosing a name, though, it is essential to consider its meaning. It is not uncommon to come across a nice-sounding name but with a not-so-good meaning behind it.

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