Kind School Principal Works Night Shifts at Walmart Supermarket, Wants to Give Salary to Homeless Students

Kind School Principal Works Night Shifts at Walmart Supermarket, Wants to Give Salary to Homeless Students

  • A kind secondary school administrator in the US, Henry Darby, took up a second job as a way to help his poor students
  • Henry always gives out all the income from the job to students who are homeless and in need of financial succour
  • The kind principal revealed that he wants to really help his students and show them that there is dignity in labour no matter the job

Principal Henry Darby was emotional when he saw many students living under the bridge, he could not take it.

As a way to help them, the principal started a second job and as he worked at Walmart on night shifts. He planned to use the money to help his less privileged students, Understanding Compassion reports.

Walmart later helped his cause.
The principal said it breaks his heart when he sees his students homeless. Photo source: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

He combined being a principal with his job

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The man is the principal of North Charleston High School in North Charleston, South Carolina where 90% of the students are really struggling with poverty, ABC7 reports.

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After work every day, the man would resume at his second job at 10pm where he worked till 7 am. From there, he would go to school before the day’s morning bell.

They are worth it

In order not to break down under much work, Henry has cut down his night shift to three days a week. Despite the fact that the man has few hours of sleep during those days, he is of the strong belief that his students are worth the effort.

Apart from donating his income to the students, he always regularly checks on his students to see how their welfare is.

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On very interesting thing is that his employer at Walmart never knew that Henry is a school principal as the old man made sure he kept the information away from them. Walmart later gave him $50,000 (N20,566,000).

Cook honoured

Meanwhile, ealier reported that a cook, Jessie Hamilton, was honoured by students of Louisiana State University she used to serve years ago.

What the students found endearing about her was that she was not just a cook, but she listened to their issues.

Andrew Fusaiotti, one of the school’s former students who is now 52, told The Advocate that the woman always had a smile on her face at work and never made complaints.

When the student got to know that the woman had $45,000 (N18,517,500) left to pay for her mortgage, they all came together and contributed $560 (N230,440) each which amounted to $51,000 (N20,986,500).


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