I Came to Nigeria to Receive the Best Treatment – Man Shares Experience at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital

I Came to Nigeria to Receive the Best Treatment – Man Shares Experience at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital

In a 2019 report, Voice of America, citing Nigerian authorities, stated that Nigeria was losing more than $1 billion annually to medical tourism as many Nigerians travel abroad in search of the best treatment.

However, new unfolding developments and experiences have shown that Nigerians and others can now get the best medical treatments without having to step an inch out of the country. On a fateful day in 2005, Mr Tom, a United Kingdom (UK)-based Nigerian, started feeling unwell. As the feeling persisted for a few days, he decided to visit the hospital for medical treatment.

I Came to Nigeria to Receive the Best Treatment – Man Shares Experience at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital
Photo: Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital
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However, after series of tests including multiple bool tests, MRI test, X-RAYS, lower colonoscopy, among others, there was no apparent diagnosis. He was suffering from a chronic illness but the doctors could not come up with a clear diagnosis even after conducting series of tests.

What could be wrong?

Mr Tom blamed the situation/poor treatment on the alleged failure of the doctors to listen to his complaints and make an appropriate investigation. He said rather than listen to him and analyse his complaints, the doctors were suggesting his illness may be connected to depression or drug abuse.

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I have never used narcotics in my life,” he countered. With no apparent diagnosis, the unknown illness began to weigh him down; his quality of life became low, his (university) education was badly affected. And it got worse; he started feeling depressed and having several self-harm/suicide thoughts. As his condition deteriorated, he had no option other than to resign from work.

Unhappy with the quality of care he had received so far in the UK, Mr Tom did what many would have considered illogical; he flew to Nigeria to seek medical advice/treatment in Nigeria.

Why Nigeria?

I had a gut feeling I would be listened to carefully, with appropriate investigation my symptoms will retreat into remission,” Mr Tom explained.

He explained that he was aware of the several media reports about the status of medical care in Nigeria and understood that the morale of the medical professionals might be low due to the way they are being treated by the government, their major employers.

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Nevertheless, Mr Tom said he was very aware that the Nigerian private/public medical industry harbours some of the best brains in the world.

As soon as he touched down in Nigeria, he decided to visit Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital and another high-end hospital around the Ikoyi axis in Lagos. He eventually settled for Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital

Why Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital?

Before leaving the UK, Mr Tom said he had done extensive research about the hospitals he could try out and Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital was one of his favourites.

This was a medical tourism with the aim of investigating and treatment of the condition that plagued me since 2006 without and positive help from NHS or private doctors in the UK,” he explained.

At Euracare, the story changed

The visibly elated man narrated the “brilliant” experience he had at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, from registration to taking his vitals and taking him through the theatre for deeper investigations.

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Unlike his previous experience in the UK, Mr Tom said the team at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital listened carefully to his complaints and did not make assumptions based on his previous tests and the professionals he had earlier visited.

Doctor Okaro was friendly and never treated me like a fool or a depressed /anxious individual,” he said. Mr Tom added that, contrary to his previous experience, the processes at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital were very fast and effective.

His words: “I arrived at the hospital at 9.30 am, taken to the theatre by 1pm, regained consciousness around 5 pm with the correct diagnosis of an ailment that has been disruptive to my life since 15 years ago.”

And finally, Mr Tom said an appropriate treatment was prescribed after the correct diagnosis at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital.

Life after treatment: Important reflections

After receiving treatment at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, Mr Tom said he felt much better and the pain he used to feel has disappeared.

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His words: “After receiving the proper medication and proper treatment, I felt much better. I had much more energy. The depression and the gastrointestinal pain I used to have all went into remission. So I stayed further in Nigeria for another three months to monitor the situation and I realized that they all went into remission before coming back to England. So, all the symptoms I had been complaining about since 15 to 16 years have all gone into remission.”

Mr Tom emphasized that he now feels much better, stronger, and looks forward to “a much happier life”.

Words of advice

With his inspiring recovery, he advised anyone who may find himself/herself in a similar situation, whether abroad, Nigeria, or anywhere, to seek alternatives if they do not agree with the diagnosis.

He said: “Whether you’re abroad or you’re in Nigeria or you are anywhere if you do not agree with the diagnosis, it is right to seek help somewhere else. If you feel that you’re not being listened to or your condition is not being investigated properly, it is right to seek a second or a third option in a well-established hospital-like Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital.

He reiterated that anyone who is in a similar situation should consider Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital or other hospitals with specialists: “In a well-equipped environment just like Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital so that they can listen to you and they can help you to identify the origin of your symptoms”.

For those having any medical issue that is not being handled well, “you can rush down to Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, someone will listen to you and help”, Mr Tom concluded.


Mr Tom who has returned to the UK thanked the management and staff of Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital for the level of care and support given to him.

I will like to thank *Tochi for his good listening skill and ability to identify that *Dr Okaro was the right person to see,” he said.

Mr Tom added: “I will like to thank Dr Okaro for his deep analytical and thinking skills because I have been discharged by so many gastroenterologists. I will like to thank the whole management and staff of Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital because I have been to so many hospitals in the world and been to the best hospitals in England and the level of care I received at Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital is just top of the range.


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