Meet Rob Sargsyan Who Is Known for Being an Amazing Artist in the Field of Makeup

Meet Rob Sargsyan Who Is Known for Being an Amazing Artist in the Field of Makeup

Rob Sargsyan One of the best celebrity makeup artists in Los Angeles, Rob Sargsyan provides flawless, unique and exceptional makeup services for weddings, special occasions and celebrity look books. He is dedicated to making his clients amazing, incredible and confident all at the same time. Rob Sargsyan's signature RobGlow look is one that combines both natural beauty and charm. All products from Rob Sargsyan's trendy brand FacesbyRob are guaranteed to last long on the skin. And you can look refreshed all day long. They boast rich pigments that offer versatility for different skin tones from light, medium, dark. Rob Sargsyan with amazing skills in applying makeup and impressive features of advanced products, it's no surprise, that Rob Sargsyan is one of the most popular makeup artists in Los Angeles.

Meet Rob Sargsyan Who Is Known for Being an Amazing Artist in the Field of Makeup
Rob Sargsyan
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Rob Sargsyan's journey in the world of makeup began when he was just seven years old. Since childhood, he has shown his ability and skill in creating makeup styles. With the support of his family, Rob Sargsyan embarked on his journey to becoming one of the most extraordinary talents in the makeup industry. Taking his passion and skills forward, he launched his own brand internationally called FacesbyRob Cosmetics, which has come as a boon for people with simple looks. His signature RobGlow look is such that it combines both natural beauty and charm. In addition to working full time as a makeup artist, Rob Sargsyan also teaches master classes internationally. Through the teachings of Rob Sargsyan, many aspiring makeup artists are gaining knowledge in the industry, especially with its growth, keeping up with the changing trends every season.

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Rob Sargsyan has donned modern makeup on various shows such as America's Got Talent, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and E. Robb, WAGS, during which time he has been busy working on models across the industry. Rob Sargsyan regularly does make up for famous models such as Daisy Marquez, Shannon McMullen, Veronica Dash and Kelsey Jean Smeeby. The growing popularity of Rob Sargsyan and his brand is fueled by his strong social media presence. He currently has over 3 million followers on Instagram, all of whom love to see how he creates his signature RobGlow look. FacesbyRob Cosmetics is expected to receive support from more customers in the future, which will take Rob Sargsyan's legacy to greater heights of success in the makeup and cosmetics industry.



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