4-Year-Old Girl Hailed as Hero after Saving Her Family's House from Fire

4-Year-Old Girl Hailed as Hero after Saving Her Family's House from Fire

  • A 4-year-old girl was busy dancing in the living room when she noticed smoke coming from the kitchen
  • She rushed there and alerted her father who came hurriedly and threw out the burning kitchen appliances
  • The young girl was celebrated widely by many people for saving her family and their home

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It is always a normal occurrence for adults to save lives, but it is quite some news when a baby does the same.

The same was confirmed recently by a four-year-old Florida girl who saved her entire family and the home after a fire broke out.

4-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Family's House from Fire After Spotting Burning Appliance in Kitchen
The girl was playing in the living room when she noticed smoke in the kitchen. Photo: Daniel Patrick.
Source: Instagram

Fox 2 Detroit reported that a Florida dad was over the moon after his four-year-old daughter saved the family home after seeing a fire in the kitchen.

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According to the father named Daniel Patrick Jermyn, he had cooked lunch for his family and was preparing to go out when the fire broke out.

The dad said his daughter identified as Amelia was in the living room just listening and dancing to songs from Frozen when she noticed some smoke in the kitchen.

Jermyn, the dad told the media that his daughter came looking for him and when she found him, she was quick to urge him to go and look at what was happening in the kitchen.

The dad said she could feel something was definitely not right by the way his daughter was acting.

The daughter shouted:

"Hey dad, you have to come to look at this."

It was at that point when the dad rushed to the kitchen and found some of the appliances had caught fire.

Quickly, the dad grabbed the appliances and threw them in the backyard pool.

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Well, the kitchen was damaged but thank God, the young girl noticed early and more harm was avoided.

He told FOX 35

"She is a little tutu-wearing superhero."

Police, medics and the dad all confirmed that no one was injured during the incident.

The only issue was that some melted pieces of the kitchen appliances landed on the dad's food and their family dog.

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