Video Shows Amazing 'House' Inside a Fallen Tree, Its Artistic Interior Decor Surprises Many

Video Shows Amazing 'House' Inside a Fallen Tree, Its Artistic Interior Decor Surprises Many

  • The video of a trunk transformed into an art centre has stirred massive reactions on LinkedIn as people wondered how it was done
  • An entrance is carved to reveal a man-made room inside the tree that has series of beautiful sculptures
  • People said it was really beautiful and a good way of recycling a fallen trunk as they also hailed the creativity behind it

There is just no limit to how much the human mind can accomplish. A video shared by Anthony J James on LinkedIn has shown exactly that.

In the clip which has got many engagements on the platform, an unknown artist carved a space inside a big tree trunk.

Video shows a tree with 'house' inside, its walls has many beautiful artworks
The video of the tree trunk has been seen thousands of times online. Photo source: LinkedIn/Anthony J James
Source: UGC

There are sculptures on the walls

Why you are wondering at the creativity that goes into achieving that, your gaze is met with the wall sculpted into many beautiful artworks.

Among the sculptures are images of fishes. It is not just a 'house' in a tree anymore, it becomes a kind of art gallery visitors would always find lovely.

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At the start of the short video, a man stood at the entrance of the trunk before going inside to reveal the magnificence of it all.

At the time of writing this report, the video has close to 90,000 views with hundreds of comments. Watch it here.

This is amazing! compiled some of the reactions below:

Rameshwar Baraik said:

"Unbelievable wood carving talent."

Andrew Winterburn said:

"Wow incredible."

Gene Burn said:

"OMG!!!! What amazing talent and what a ton of work!!!!"

JainderSingh Negi said:

"Anthony J James this is too cool my friend."


"Wow this is brilliant."

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A Nigerian artist wows many

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian artist, Kelly Omodamwen, amazed many with his creativity as he used spark plugs to make beautiful art installations.

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As some of his works surfaced online, many wondered how long it took him to beat the plugs into shape and create what he intended with them.

With spark plugs, he has been able to create masterpieces that depict a ram and drummer. The intricate design of the installations makes them more beautiful to look at.

Talking about the ram piece, Kelly said that it was inspired by the pandemic when he thought humanity was going to end.


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