Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram for Kids Labelled Harmful, U.S Moves Against It

Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram for Kids Labelled Harmful, U.S Moves Against It

- Facebook's plan to launch Instagram for Kids might not come to live as there are already opposition

- Republicans and Democrats are against the app which will target 13 year olds who can't use the main instagram version

- States attorneys of the United States have also called for Facebook to put an end to the Instagram for Kids app

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Facebook's plan to debut its Instagram for kids has hit the rock as opposition increases against the Mark Zuckerberg company. United States lawmakers and a coalition of state attorney generals have moved against it.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats had questioned Facebook on how it plans to protect the privacy of young users which the company is planning on attracting through the Instagram for kids app.

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The proposed app will target 13 years old kids. The idea is meant to increase revenue and users for the social media app, and the attorney generals have asked that Facebook shelve the plan.

There are concerns of how the social media platform will shape the minds of kids that join the Instagram for Kids. Facebook has repeatedly come under fire for its relaxed security which has led to social bullying.

Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram for Kids Labelled Harmful, U.S Moves Against It
Instagram and Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg

The coalition said the Instagram for kids app will be harmful to the young users. They said Zuckerberg's company isn't developing the kid app because there's a market demand.

They fault Facebook for creating the need for 13 year olds to have an Instagram app. About 44 attorneys opposed the idea in a letter, adding:

“It appears that Facebook is not responding to a need, but instead creating one, as this platform appeals primarily to children who otherwise do not or would not have an Instagram account.”

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