Zoe Alexander biography: how did she become famous on X Factor?

Zoe Alexander biography: how did she become famous on X Factor?

Zoe Alexander has been singing since she was a young girl, and in 2012, she ended up getting an audition for The X Factor. However, things went wrong when she performed on the reality TV show stage. What is Zoe's story, and what is she doing now?

Zoe Alexander
A selfie of Zoe Alexander. Photo: @zoealexanderHQ
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Avid X Factor watchers might remember the Pink tribute act, which did not advance to the next round, deeply upsetting the singer and causing her anger. Eight years later, Zoe Alexander finally told her truth and admitted the audition was set up to paint her in an unfavourable light.

X Factor Zoe Alexander profile summary

  • Full name: Zoe Alexander
  • Date of birth: September 6, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old (as of 2021)
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Birthplace: England
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Singer

Zoe Alexander biography

This performer was born on September 6, 1989. Today, she is 31 years old. She is of British nationality.

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Since she was a young child, she loved singing. At one point in her career, she worked as a Pink tribute act, which was her day job to make her ends meet. Impersonating other singers was her family business, as her father did a Tom Jones tribute act, while her mother sang as Shania Twain.

Zoe Alexander X Factor story

In 2012, the singer decided to try out for The X Factor show and attempt to gain experience as a young singer. On TV, the viewers saw a young woman who tries to stray away from the image of Pink and find her own identity.

On the stage, she sang Pink's song "So What", which did not impress the judges, who told her she needed to find herself as a performer. After that, she was given a chance to sing a second song, yet it also failed to impress the judges.

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The cameras showed Zoe getting furious at the judges, accusing them of making her sing a Pink song, and then cursing and storming off the stage. She was also seen having a breakdown off-stage, yelling at the cameras to stay away from her.

Zoe Alexander X Factor
Zoe Alexander's modeling photo. Photo: @zoealexanderHQ
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The video of Alexander's audition was posted on The X Factor's official YouTube page under the title "P!nk Impersonator has HUGE TEMPER TANTRUM!". It was included in a lot of "angry acts" compilations, which made the viewers believe the singer was emotionally unstable and got upset because she did not advance to the next stage.

Zoe's truth

For many years, the young woman was building up the courage to tell her side of the story.

She posted a video on YouTube detailing her experience of that day and talking about how she was set up to be a laughing stock.

What happened with Zoe Alexander?

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According to her, the problems started when she e-mailed the producers about her audition. They rejected all of the songs that she wanted to perform and encouraged her to sing Pink; otherwise, she would not be allowed on the show. Although she wanted to move on from the Pink image, she had no other choice.

She arrived at the venue at 6 am, when barely any people were there yet and had a feeling something was not right. From the beginning, most of the attention from the cameras was focused on her instead of filming other people.

She walked onto the stage and felt the unfriendly demeanour from the judges. After singing Pink's song "So What", the judges criticized her performance, saying she chose the wrong song and needed to find herself.

Although she got an opportunity to sing the second song, "Next to Me" by Emeli Sande, she believes that the music was played off-key to make her sound bad. In the end, the judges stopped her and told her no, adding that she has to develop her own identity.

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X Factor Zoe Alexander
Zoe Alexander smiling in a selfie. Photo: @zoealexanderHQ
Source: Facebook

When Zoe realized she was set up, she said that she was told to sing a Pink song, talking to the producers. However, in the footage, we see the judges being surprised at her words and saying they did not tell her to sing it.

Alexander threw the microphone on the ground and stormed off-stage. The footage seemed to be edited the way it looks like she threw it with anger, while she claims that she only dropped it on the ground because the producers turned it off to silence her.

According to her, she had a huge nervous breakdown behind the stage and was repeatedly telling the cameras to stop filming her, but they would not stop. This dramatic moment was later shown on national television, portraying her as a bratty and angry person.

After the show

When her audition was released, her life has changed immediately, and not in a good way. In her town, she became known as a woman who had a breakdown on The X Factor.

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As she recalled, people would recognize her everywhere, laugh at her, and even threaten her. Her father had to intervene and protect both her and himself from physical violence.

She confessed that she never expected to be seen or perceived as anything other than a violent person who threw a fit because she was told no. She was scared to leave her house, and even as people passed by her home, they would stare at her.

Eventually, she fell into a deep depression and even attempted to take her own life. Still, she was lucky to have the support from her family and friends, who knew the truth about what really happened on that day and who she credits as the reason why she is still alive.

Zoe Alexander now
Zoe Alexander and her husband. Photo: @zoealexanderHQ
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She is especially grateful to her dad, who encouraged her to not give up. He told her that she would never come back from her depression if she gives in to it.

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With time, she started performing again and doing gigs. Even though people were mean to her at times and reminded her of the painful experience, she carried on despite everything.

Zoe Alexander now

Nowadays, Zoe is a huge opponent of reality TV. She often does TikToks, where she details her own traumatic experience and discusses what reality shows can do to people's mental health.

Although she is still struggling sometimes, she is doing much better mentally. She lives with her husband and dogs, performs song covers on YouTube, and is happy that her truth was finally heard.

Zoe Alexander has been through a lot after her infamous X Factor audition, but she finally got to tell her story to the world.

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