Yona Phiri: Intelligent urchin who was begging on streets from motorists lands big sponsorship

Yona Phiri: Intelligent urchin who was begging on streets from motorists lands big sponsorship

- The Grade 2 boy looked rugged, hungry and malnourished, but his impeccable command of English and courage to express himself blew many away

- He revealed that all he wanted was money for food because the mother had not cooked for them and he had no idea where she was

- A well-wisher has since come forward to offer school fees for the boy so that he resumes his education before turning into a street crook

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Yona Phiri is a Grade 2 student at Lukumbu School in Zambia who has been spending his hours begging motorists to buy him food at Chainda market.

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Yona Phiri: Courageous boy who was begging from motorists lands sponsorship
Yona Phiri's journey of begging on the streets may have come to an end as well-wishers came forward to pay his school fees. Photos: Simon Mulenga Mwila.
Source: UGC

In a viral video, one motorist decided to interview the young man and why he was on the streets.

Contrary to the brother who seemed less aggressive, Yona's impeccable command of English and revelation that he was borrowing for both himself and the mother blew the motorist.

Asked why he was on the streets at that hour, he revealed that the father died a while back and his mother was yet to pay fees.

"I'm asking for a coin to buy food. My mom didn't cook and I don't know where she is," said Yona.

He also added that he has four other siblings, who are all struggling with life, starvation and school fees like himself.

"You have to give me 20 kwacha for my mother and 10 kwacha for me," he continued.

When handed the money, the young boy went ahead to slide it carefully into a makeshift wallet he made himself out of old carton boxes.

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Netizens who saw the video were moved by his intelligence but got worried that he would soon become a street crook if he was not saved from the urchin life.

The video soon caught the attention of a generous well-wisher who not only went out in search of the boy but also offered to pay his school fees to get him off the streets.

"This afternoon I went to Chainda Compound in search of Yona.. I managed to locate Yona Phiri and his family who welcomed me very well! I have heard their side of the story! God touched me and I have bought his mother a cellphone for easy communication. I also found East Point CEO Mr Tony Chisola Likai who has paid his school fees and will provide the family with basic needs," he wrote.

It is hoped that the move will put the boy back into the school so that he receives an education that will, hopefully, change the fortunes of his family someday.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that Charles Mbena became an internet sensation when a video emerged showing how mathematics came so flawlessly for him

He, however, decried the sorry state of his school and requested help so that he could move to another institution with better facilities and standards

A sponsor has now come out and offered to move him to a boarding school, pay fees and fund his parents to start an income-generating project.


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