Unique one syllable girl names for those who like it short and sweet

Unique one syllable girl names for those who like it short and sweet

People give their children various names, and usually, it depends on the personal preference of the parents. Quite often, they grant their kids some short yet meaningful ones. Check out these one syllable girl names that you will fall in love with.

One syllable girl names
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A short baby name for a girl often sounds like you are making a statement. They are sweet, easy to pronounce, and will put an emphasis on your little girl's blooming personality.

Often, parents also want to give their child a middle name that balances the first one out. There are also writers who intend to create new characters and want to know what the possible options mean before granting them to their heroine.

Regardless of your reason, you can check out some amazing single syllable girl names if you are looking for inspiration.

One syllable girl names

What are classic girl names that still have not lost their spark? Take a look at some of them and enjoy their elegance.

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  • Ash - may be short for Ashley
  • Bea - may be short for Beatrice
  • Belle - beautiful
  • Beth - may be short for Elizabeth or Bethany, yet works as a separate option.
  • Blue - the colour; will work in the middle
  • Claire (Clare, Clair) - clear
  • Dawn - the break of day
  • Dill - plant
  • Dove - bird of peace
  • Eve - a breath of life
  • Faith - faith, devotion
  • Fleur - French for flower
  • Grace - graceful
  • Hope - hope
  • Jane - feminine for John
  • Kate - short for Katherine; pure
  • Leigh - delicate, weary; meadow
  • Lou - short for Louise
  • Lux - light
  • Lynn (Lynne) - pretty

One syllable names for girls

These options are for those parents who want to give their little girl the most incredible moniker. The meanings of these variants will hopefully touch your heart.

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Short girl names
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  • Maeve - intoxicating
  • May - the month of May
  • Neve - snow
  • Nyx - night
  • Pearl - pearl
  • Quinn - descendant of Conn
  • Rose - rose flower
  • Ruth - friend
  • Sage - plant
  • Sky - sky
  • Skye - Isle of Skye
  • Tess - late summer
  • Vale - strong, healthy

Single syllable girl names

The following options are both trendy and timeless, and their charm has been preserved over many years. Perhaps, you can pick one of them for your baby girl.

1 syllable girl names
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  • Anne - grace
  • Bess - short for Elizabeth; "to the Lord I consecrate thee"
  • Bette - God's promise
  • Blaire - plain; field
  • Blanche - white, pure
  • Bree - noble
  • Brynn - hilled area
  • Cass - man's defender
  • Clove - nail
  • Doe - a gift of God
  • Fawn - young deer
  • Faye - loyalty, belief
  • Fern - fern
  • Grey - the colour grey

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Short name for girls

These short and sweet options will definitely appeal to a broad audience. Perhaps, among them, you will find the one that speaks to you the most.

Short name for girls
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  • Jade - precious gemstone
  • Jewel - delight
  • Joy - happiness
  • June - the month of June
  • Love - love, affection
  • Luz - light
  • Maude - mighty in battle
  • Nell - horn, sunray
  • Paige - young servant
  • Prue - caution, discretion
  • Reese - enthusiasm
  • Rue - regret
  • Sloane - raid
  • Snow - snow
  • Tess - late summer
  • Wren - bird

1 syllable girl names

Have a close look at these original short monikers for baby girls, which can be quite unique to give your daughter. With one of these, she will definitely stand out among her peers.

  • Gwen - white circle
  • Reign - ruler
  • Lark - bird
  • Jinx - after the James Bond heroine
  • Joan - God is gracious
  • Lane - a small roadway or path
  • Greer - alert, watchful
  • Bloom - blossoming
  • Wynn - fair, pure
  • Shae - admirable

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These lovely and unforgettable one syllable girl names will hopefully determine the life path of your little daughter.

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