10 worst Pokemon ever with weirdest designs and weakest powers

10 worst Pokemon ever with weirdest designs and weakest powers

There are over 700 Pokémon existing today but not all of them are worth your time. Some would never be considered valuable, and in fact, are rated among the worst Pokemon ever.

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It is true that not all Pokemons are created equally. While there is need to celebrate diversity and unique designs, there are certain extremes that one cannot sugarcoat.

Some of the creations that have been seen so far are great and can be considered as excellent and creative designs. However, on the flip side, there have been several others that have been a disappointment in the industry.

These are below standard in almost all aspects. In most cases, their designing appears as though it was done by an unqualified individual, or even a kid. Apart from that, they are weak, which renders them almost useless.

Below are 10 of what you could consider as the worst Pokemon designs collection. They are not appreciated because of their shortcomings, top among them being designs, strength, and overall weakness.

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Top 10 worst Pokemon ever

Just like great and interesting designs have been created over time, some have turned out to be boring, annoying, and would be considered a disappointment. What one person may consider as the ugliest Pokemon may not necessarily be someone else's choice.

Different people have varied preferences in things, which explains why the worst collection may not be similar to all people. However, the 10 listed here are largely accepted as being among the worst structurally and also when factoring in strength as a feature.

10. Trubbish

worst pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @trubbish
Source: UGC

This one may be considered as the garbage Pokemon since it is designed to resemble a trash bin. It is an actual garbage bag of a Pokemon.

It is irregular, hard on the eyes, and also weird-looking. It is not only boring but also disappointing since it does not meet even the most basic design expectations. It is almost as if no form of creativity went into designing it.

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The idea of turning rubbish or refuse into a Pokemon, which is what its creation was based on, did not work in this case. Whoever was behind this idea may have figured it out in his or her head but the execution was a total failure.

It remains unappealing to many despite the positive intentions behind its creation. Many people who are into creations from different companies in the industry will agree that Trubbish is one of the biggest disappointments so far.

9. Dedenne

worst pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @dedenne
Source: UGC

Dedenne may be a familiar one but the difference is that it is a rip-off of all the other mouse versions that have ever been produced by the company. The company has had quite a few electric mouse Pokémon in the series, top among them being Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu.

However, they may have gotten it wrong with Dedenne considering the fact that it looks like some sort of Pikachu that ate all the pies. It is a creepy Pokemon, to say the least.

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Fans have seen better creations of mouse-like creations that have been impressive in all scales. Unfortunately, Dedenne cannot be ranked among such beautiful designs.

8. Luvdisc

weakest pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @javpapercraft
Source: UGC

Luvdisc is a weird Pokemon. Apparently, it is supposed to be a fish but it looks like its designing was left to a four-year-old girl, to say the least. You do not have to be an expert to notice that it is everything else but a fish.

The design seems to be a confused version of what was intended to become a fish. One even wonders if it can do anything in battle considering its heart-like shape.

The whole thing gets even lamer when you hear that when two Luvdisc kiss, they can join together as wings and fly for short periods of time. This must make another ugly Pokemon altogether.

When properly analyzed, the idea behind the creation of Luvdisc may have been brilliant, but no one knows what happened along the way because what ended up being born was a sorry design that disappointed many.

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7. Burmy

worst pokemon
Image: instagram.com, @pokemon_figure_collection
Source: UGC

The name itself suggests that this can only be something strange. This weird bug cloaks itself in foliage from its surroundings to hide its true form.

Looking at it, one feels chilled just by its strange and ugly appearance. It is peculiar and difficult to understand what the designer was up to with this one.

What makes it one of the weirdest Pokemon? Well, it is because it passes as something that you consider very boring to look at.

It is easy to conclude that it is an unfinished product of something that was meant to turn out into a monster fighter. You may even be tempted to ask if the company behind its creation was so much in a hurry that they did not pause to worry about completing the design.

Whatever is behind the reason the bug turning out the way it did may not be easy to understand, but as things are, Burmy looks like the least-appetizing ice cream ever. It is unappealing, boring, and in some instances, it is downright scary.

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6. Foongus and Amoonguss

worst pokemon ever
Image: facebook.com, @dexlatina
Source: UGC

The duo actually wins the battle of the worst creation in this list. First, the fact that they attempt to disguise themselves as PokéBalls just as Electrode and Voltorb do is a turn-off.

They also take some strange shape in the form of mushrooms which renders them useless in battle. After all, you do not need to be an expert to know that mushrooms can hardly do anything significant in the field of giants.

The two are some of the weakest creations in the industry, obviously, because it is easy to see that mushrooms can never wage powerful attacks. The only positive thing is that GameFreak and The Pokémon Company chose to make them Poison Type critters.

5. Magikarp

worst pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @magikarp
Source: UGC

Magikarp gives off an array of mixed feelings. Its design is disappointing and it almost seems as though there is something crucial missing. Seeing that it is not endowed with any special features, one look at it and one questions the integrity of its strength on the battlefield.

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Even as you ask what is the weakest Pokemon, you may want to consider Magikarp in this category. It is a water Pokemon that has been described as the weakest and most pathetic of its kind in Pokemon Go.

It can only splash and flop, which means that the much you can do with it in a game is to splash around, hence its weakness. Fortunately, gamers can rest easy because it has the ability to evolve, which means that it can grow into a monster when the time comes.

4. Jynx

creepy pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @Jynx
Source: UGC

Where do you even start with Jynx? It has a creepy outlook that makes it appear human-like with its massive hands, blonde hair, and a stare that resembles that of a murderer.

Many people will not comfortably look at it because they are likely to be freaked out. Well, we can only assume that the idea was to create a scary monster because anything else would not make so much sense.

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Jynx has a weird combo that makes it rank highly among the weirdest creations in the industry. Its confusing look is probably what makes it ugly and strange, even for those who love creepy stuff.

3. Probopass

creepy pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @probopass
Source: UGC

Probopass came after the Easter Island-inspired Pokémon from Generation 3, which was great and well designed. How things changed to the disappointing Generation 4 Probopass creation is a mystery, especially if you consider the drastic changes in design.

Probopass makes you feel like you are stuck with a lesser option because you are not aware of better alternatives. It may be compared to a situation where you are stuck with a poorer option when better ones exist just because you are ignorant. Fortunately, you can save yourself by evolving it into a better player with more winning prospects.

Even so, the creature is one of the ugliest and creepiest fans have seen so far. One cannot tell if the idea was to create a bird or a beast because what came out was a weird combo of the two but not in a fantastic way.

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Probopass first appeared on screen in the Diamond & Pearl series during the episode "Nosing ‘Round the Mountain." It got its name as an honor of the spectacular red ski slope that serves as its nose.

This particular Probopass started the episode as a Nosepass, which is a slightly less ridiculous un-evolved version of what we know today. It then changed into its new form during a battle with Ash.

While its ability may not be a problem, it is its design that many people question and wonder about. Its big red nose appears to be bigger than its beady head, hence the un-proportional look.

It amasses a mustache of iron filings during evolution which makes it look like the idea was to create a Tom Selleck Pokémon.

It is even more ridiculous that Probopass comes complete with three mini noses, all of which it can control individually. This makes it all the more terrifying.

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2. Binacle

worst pokemon designs
Image: facebook.com, @binaccle
Source: UGC

A binacle is a rock/water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VI. It is made up of two different beings living on the same rock, often competing and pulling in different directions.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the design and construction was a poor attempt at a puppet show. It lives in pairs; two on the same rock.

Its two heads also serve as its hands, and it comes with sharp yellowish claw-like features on top of its heads. The heads are attached to a grey rock by orange and white striped tentacles.

Each of Binacle's heads is brown in color with sulky expressions on their faces, hence the ugly nature of the two. It is an ill-tempered breed, just like Dodrio.

Its two heads sometimes tend to quarrel, and more often than not, a head will move to a different rock when fights break out.

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1. Gothitelle

weakest pokemon
Image: facebook.com, @gothitelle
Source: UGC

This is a creepy one considering its design from Generation V Pokémon. Goth-inspired psychic type Gothitelle is capable of using the stars to see the entire lifespan of a trainer according to the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Pokédex and the Omega Ruby entry.

It first made its first appearance in its own episode from the Best Wishes series entitled The Lost World of Gothitelle! It attempts to prevent Ash and his merry cohort from crossing the Skyarrow Bridge, an eyesore that has changed its way of life.

Ash is able to persuade Gothitelle to let them cross by reuniting it with its old friend Sally. If you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this one will not be scary.

What is the most hated Pokemon?

Smoochum is the most hated Pokemon. It seems as though no one loves Smoochum, which is considered the baby evolution of the controversial Pokemon.

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What is the dumbest Pokemon?

Luvdisc is the dumbest. From its design, one can tell that it is not smart, something that is further proven by its dismal performance at the game.

It is very easy to come across the worst Pokemon, as shown in the 10 examples above. While there are numerous Pokemons created over the years, they are unequal and different in many ways.

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