Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi installs germs-killing gateway, disinfects people

Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi installs germs-killing gateway, disinfects people

- In the fierce fight against Covid-19, Abu Dhabi is installing germs-killing gateways at his bus stations

- The smart gateways will spray people disinfectants once they step into them, thereby ridding them of possible germs

- A team of specialists will also be regularly sterilising the gateways as they work from 6 am to 8 pm every day

Abu Dhabi is working hard and smart to rid the city of coronavirus as they introduced an amazing gateway at bus stations that disinfect people as they pass through it.

According to The National, the technology has already been installed at Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station so the spread of the virus could be contained.

The authority in charge of transportation in the city also said that it would be setting up the same in major stations.

It should be noted that the gate works daily from 6am to 8pm and is always cleaned by a team of specialist at regular intervals.

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“The ITC has followed a number of precautionary actions since the outbreak of coronavirus, including the extensive cleaning and sterilisation of public transport in order to protect the public,” a representative of the centre said.

Watch a video of how it works below:

Meanwhile, earlier reported that engineers at Formula One and academics have used only four days to produce Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

The device makes air and oxygen flow into a mask to aid a patient’s lungs. It will be serving as an alternative for people who are too weak to use ventilators.

Though it is yet to complete its clinical trial, it has been backed for use by the MHRA safety agency. The trial should be finalized in a week.

The technique to help weak patients breathe has been used in Italy where there are not many ventilators.

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To create the device, the engineers had to remodel an existing CPAP machine used to treat sleep apnea which has lost its patent.

With a combined effort, they were able to produce 300 of the device in a day and is believed that production could scale up to 1,000 a day.

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Professor Mervyn Singer said that since the devices are still not enough, they would only be used to treat patients that are really ill.

He also said that he hopes the machine will make a very huge difference in hospitals in the UK where healthcare is presently under intense pressure from the outbreak. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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