Top 30 best South Park episodes you should watch

Top 30 best South Park episodes you should watch

Is South Park the greatest show ever? Many people have varied opinions about the show. Some may say it is the best, while others may argue otherwise. Even so, numerous people agree that the show has some fantastic episodes. Which among the numerous episodes that have aired since 1997 are the best South Park episodes ever?

best South Park episodes
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Not too long ago, podcaster Joe Rogan said that South Park is the best show ever to be released. His statement increased interest in this series that was created by Trey Parker, Brian Graden, and Matt Stone. The plot revolves around four cheeky grade-schoolers, who reside in the quiet town of South Park in Colorado. Fans of this show that debuted in 1997 often desire to know the best South Park episodes for different reasons.

Best South Park episodes that are a must-watch

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What is the best South Park episode ever? Below is a compilation of the best and funniest South Park episodes that are a must-watch.

30. Krazy Kripples (Season 7; Episode 2)

South Park funniest episodes
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South Park characters Timmy and Jimmy create a club for persons who were born with a handicap, and they name it Crips. Soon, they find themselves in gang duel with the Denver-based Crips. In the meantime, Christopher Reeve fights with Gene Hackman over stem cell studies.

29. Towelie (Season 5; Episode 8)

Towelie is in the list of South Park episodes that are a must-watch because of its humor. The boys are on a mission to retrieve their new video game from a government agency. They do so with the assistance of Towelie, who is a talking towel.

28. Cripple Fight (Season 5; Episode 2)

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best South Park episodes
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What is the funniest episode of SouthPark? Cripple Fight is arguably one of the most entertaining. The boys want their scout leader to be Big Gay Al. Challenges arise when Big Gay Al takes over as the South Park Boy Scouts' counselor. Timmy does not like the new disabled boy because he steals attention from him.

27. The Jeffersons (Season 8; Episode 6)

The Jeffersons is among South Park best episodes, and its plot revolves around a family that relocates to the town. In reality, The Jeffersons are Michael Jackson and his son, who are trying to escape from the Hollywood life.

Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman soon discover that Mr. Jefferson acts like a child. Soon, the police are involved, but they do not pay much attention to Mr. Jefferson after realizing that he is a White man. It is hard not to notice that Mr. Jefferson has a fabulous house.

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26. Raisins (Season 7; Episode 14)

Funniest South Park episodes
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Raisins is among the best SouthPark episodes because it addresses heartbreaks that most people alive have experienced. Stan gets dumped by Wendy, and to cope with the pain, he turns goth. On the other hand, Butter falls in love with a waitress.

25. Professor Chaos (Season 6; Episode 6)

Butters creates a wicked alter ego after his friends ignore and shun him. They are in search of a new friend. He decides to cause chaos in the town.

24. Die Hippie, Die (Season 9; Episode 2)

south park funniest episodes
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A big group of hippies comes to the town to start a music festival. Cartman leads the other characters to oppose the hippies.

23. Cartman Sucks (Season 11; Episode 2)

When looking for the best South Park episodes by season, Cartman Sucks should not miss from the list. Naughty Cartman takes a picture with Butter's penis in his mouth to show the world that Butters is gay.

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Later, he discovers what the picture means and is disturbed when the photograph disappears. Butters goes to a special camp for his urges to settle down.

22. Le Petit Tourette (Season 11; Episode 8)

list of south park episodes
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This is one of the best South Park episodes to watch high. Cartman pretends that he suffers from Tourette's syndrome. He says whatever he pleases. Unfortunately for him, faking illness starts affecting his mental health.

21. Cartman Joins NAMBLA (Season 4, E. 9)

Cartman is tired of being abused by friends, so he seeks more mature pals online. The FBI invades his first two meetings, so he requests Dr.Mephisto for assistance.

The doctor asks him to join NAMBLA. Kenny discovers that his mother will soon get another child, so he is determined to kill his baby brother before he is born.

20. The Simpsons Already Did It (Season 6; E. 7)

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South Park funniest episodes
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Professor Chaos is having a hard time coming up with an evil plot that has never been committed before on The Simpsons. This is one of South Park funniest episodes because Cartman unintentionally creates life in his aquarium.

19. Trapped in the Closet (Season 9; E. 12)

In this hilarious show, the local religious leaders discover that Stan is the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard. The drama that ensues after this discovery is intriguing and mind-blowing. The whole story unravels with the assistance of a celebrity R&B artist.

The Tom Cruise parodies are very entertaining. Unfortunately, this episode made Issac Hayes, the voice of Chef to make his exit from the series.

18. Woodland Critter Christmas (Season 8; E. 140)

best South Park episodes
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Who does not like Christmas-related themes in films and television shows? The satire in the story-line is captivating. Stan assists some woodland critters by murdering a mountain lion.

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Later, he discovers that he has assisted the critters in bringing forth the Antichrist. For a moment, the story turns Christmas into a demonic thing. The plot then becomes heart-warming when Santa gives life again to the mother of the cubs.

17. Butters' Very Own Episode (Season 5; E. 14)

Butters discovers that his father has been going to gay bathhouses late in the night. When his mother gets wind of her husband's habit, she attempts to kill her son and then herself at home.

She forgives her husband and goes back home, only to realize the horrible act she did to her son. She spins a story to tell the media people to hide the truth.

Butters is obsessed about returning home so that he can be with his parents at Bennigan's during their anniversary dinner.

16. Cartmanland (Season 5; E. 6)

list of South Park episodes
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Cartman inherits a hefty sum of one million dollars from his loving grandmother. He uses the money to fulfill his dream of owning an amusement park called Cartmanland.

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It is a tough season for Kyle as a hemorrhoid bursts in his ass after he gets wind of Cartman's big fortune. Kyle starts questioning whether or not God exists because he thinks that Cartman does not deserve such luck in life.

He starts losing faith in God and feeling that he does not deserve to live in such an unfair world.

15. Fishsticks (Season 13; E. 5)

As Cartman sits on the couch eating chips, Jimmy is busy working on his joke and eventually comes up with the perfect one. The joke is based on the similarity of the terms fish sticks and fish dicks. It becomes a mega-hit in the town.

Cartman decides that he should take half the credit for the joke, and Jimmy eventually faces him and asserts that the joke is his. Afraid of not getting any credit at all, Cartman seeks advice from Kyle on how to handle Jimmy. Kyle tells him that he believes that the joke is Jimmy's.

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14. The Death of Eric Cartman (Season 9; E. 6)

list of south park episodes
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Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle wait for Stan's mother to bring a KFC meal. The boys help her to unload the car, but Cartman does not assist, so they decide that they are done with him.

At first, Cartman does not recognize that the rest of the world is ignoring him. Butters, unaware of the plan to ignore him, says hello to him.

Cartman tries to convince Butters that he is a ghost that will haunt him if he fails to assist him in apologizing to everyone on his behalf.

The rest of the boys are not convinced that Cartman is sorry, so he says emotional byes and thinks that he will be going to heaven. Butters suggests that he should seek atonement for his sins.

13. All About Mormons (Season 12; E. 7)

A new family relocates to the town from Utah, and Stan gets to learn about the Mormon religion from them. He learns as much as he can from the new family.

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The story of the origins of Mormonism is narrated via a musical way that involves many flashbacks. Randy discovers that the religion has family-friendly doctrines, so he decides that The Marshes will also become Mormons.

12. The Imaginationland Trilogy (Season 11; E. 10)

Best South Park episodes
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The boys are taken to a magical realm, which is their best journey ever. They find themselves in Imaginationland just as terrorists are invading the place.

They launch the greatest ever attack on humans, and the most unimaginable evil things start happening. Within no time, the world spins out of control. Meanwhile, Kyle decides not to honor the promise he made to suck Cartman's balls.

11. Ginger Kids (Season 9; E. 11)

It is a rough period for Cartman, who suddenly suffers from a mysterious and disturbing disease called Gingervitus. He is tired and angry from being ridiculed and teased after his hair turns red, and his skin becomes light. He also gets freckles.

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He decides to rally all the ginger kids from all over to come together. They fight against the discrimination they are subjected to. It is time for change.

10. Christian Rock Hard

South Park funniest episodes
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The boys have a crisis that involves their band, whose name is Moop. Cartman wishes the band could play Christian Rock, but the rest of the boys do not agree with him.

He decides to exit from Moop and promises to release a hit Christian Rock jam before Moop can. He even places a bet on it. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny learn the hard way that there are severe consequences for downloading music online without permission.

9. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (Season 6; E. 13)

The boys embark on the tough mission of returning The Lord of the Rings to the Conifer-based Two Towers Video Store. The copy is not an ordinary one.

Butters tries to steal the tape as do the evil boys in sixth grade and the parents. Will they be successful in this mission? Which relationships will be scarred as a result?

8. AWESOM-O (Sn. 8; E. 5)

funniest south park episodes
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Cartman decides to dress as a robot called AWESOM-O, and he moves in with Butters. He plans to learn all the details and secrets about Butters, so that he can use them against him in the future.

Butters is thrilled to have a new robot friend, but the Army thinks AWESOM-O is a secret weapon. Hollywood wants the phony robot so that it can develop a big blockbuster out of it. Will Cartman get punished for his actions?

7. Medicinal Fried Chicken (Sn. 13; E. 3)

Colorado's state law states that it is legal to smoke marijuana if you have a prescription from a physician. Randy queues to buy some put but is turned away because he is not sick.

Since he desperately needs a medical excuse to smoke some weed, he intentionally gets cancer of the testicles. On the other hand, Cartman joins the black market as a KFC dealer after all the restaurants in town close shop for selling unhealthy foods.

6. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (Sn 11; E. 1)

list of South Park episodes
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Randy, Stan's father, uses the N-word on live national television. As a result, Stan becomes a social outcast, and the two face public ridicule for Randy's mistake even if Michael Richards and Mark Furhman tried to come to Randy's rescue.

South Park Elementary has a new visitor, who is a little person. Cartman cannot help but laugh at the little person.

5. Butters' Bottom Bitch (Sn. 13; E. 9)

Butters creates his pimping business after it hits him hard that he went up to the fourth grade without ever kissing a girl. All along, his friends have been taunting him for it.

Since he is determined to become like the rest of the boys, he does his best for the business to prosper. A very dedicated police officer has declared war on prostitution in the town.

4. Good Times with Weapons (Sn. 8; E. 1)

Funniest South Park episodes
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The town takes on the look of Japanese Anime, and all the boys are converted into Japanese Warriors after buying martial arts gear at the local flea market. Their worst enemy, Professor Chaos, stands against them, leading to the onset of a fight.

Butters is injured by a throwing star from the set of martial arts gear. The boys are not sure whether or not they should inform his parents.

3. Casa Bonita (Sn. 7; E. 11)

Eric Cartman has a plan to go to a trendy Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita. Meanwhile, Butters receives an invitation to Kyle's birthday party instead of Cartman. The latter kidnaps Butters and locks him up in a bomb shelter.

2. Make Love, Not Warcraft (Sn. 10; E. 8)

best South Park episodes
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It is a battle in the online game dubbed World of Warcraft as the griefer kills Kenny, Stan, Kyla, and Cartman's characters repeatedly. Randy is interested in the game too, but it is not long before the griefer kills him as well.

The boys team up and decide to do their best to kill the griefer as well. They discover that the griefer is an obese man of middle age who represents the comic book called PC gamer nerd. As they fight the griefer, he gathers all the giant scorpions and releases them to the kids' characters.

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die (Sn. 5; E. 4)

What is the best South Park season? This is arguably it. After purchasing a handful of pubic hair from Scott Tenorman, a 9th grader, Cartman thinks he has hit puberty. He shows it to his peers.

Later, he realizes that Scott conned him and decides to get his 10 dollars back. However, Scott taunts and humiliates him. He, therefore, coins an elaborate revenge plan against Scott.

Fans can expect more exciting and entertaining moments in South Park new season in 2020. So far, the series has explored various issues that affect the contemporary human being in a hilarious manner. As the world waits for the new season, above are the best South Park episodes that are a must-watch.

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