Nobody can stop us from drinking garri - Nigerians react

Nobody can stop us from drinking garri - Nigerians react

- Nigerians say they cannot stop consuming garri

- Some even claimed the food has saved many Nigerians than all doctors combined

- Recall that Dr Boniface Okolo urged people to stop the consumption of garri without hot water

Nigerians have reacted to a report in which Dr Boniface Okolo, the director of Public Health, Enugu state urged people to stop the consumption of garri.

Many Nigerians who reacted to the doctor's assertion professed that under no circumstances would they abandon garri.

The doctor had argued that rats are most times in contact with garri and that the rodents are known carriers of Lassa fever.

In his reaction on social media, Wahab Rahmon Oladimeji said: "I can't stop laughing, if Garri gives Lassa fever, I should have died so many years back. I can remember when I was in primary school, I drank hell out of Garri. I used Garri a lot with kulikuli and groundnut."

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Here are other reactions from Nigerians:

Don Kenny Alozie: Mr doctor sir, this Garri has saved more lives in Nigeria than all the doctors who claim to be saving lives in this country. Just allow us enjoy the only hope we have in this Nigeria

Samuel Tom: Dr Boniface...I am so angry about your research on Garri. You soaked Garri during your primary, secondary, University and even in your medical you come out to say we should not soak Garri, I want to let you know that Garri is the hope of the common man, not judiciary.

Maxwell Ikechukwu: Garri that my great grandma drank almost everyday without even milk, and died at very old age of 128yrs. Please go and conduct research on other things and leave our garri alone.

Tyover Ushe Uba: Garri has saved more lives than WHO and UN combined.

Bishop Donald Yewande: Garri rules. No weapon formed against our beloved Garri will conquer. I’m going to get my groundnut and do my Garri ritual with cold water now

Ogunbayo Olaniyi Michael: My grandpa died at d age of 124, nobody drink Garri more than him before he died. If I may ask u, what is Lassa fever??

Kojo Amoako: Stop drinking Garri and drink what? What kind talk is that, Garri is an internationally acclaim diet from Nigeria to Ghana. When this get a little schooling, they come stupid ideas. Sorry, honestly I am annoyed

Wisdom Honesty: Oga expert if you like preach from now till next year nobody will agree with you on this issue especially when hungry is in the country. This garri saved my life when I was in school

Mauberlyn Lawrencia: I remember my school days if you see how some students carry bags of Garri to hostel, you will imagine whether they have shop in the school where they sell Garri. Mr researcher please this is not PDP and APC case, come and be going

Elberto Ezekwe: Nigerians drink Garri, not particularly out of poverty, rather it’s a kind of traditional pleasure. I started at age 2 yrs in 1961 to savour Garri in cold water with palm kernel or coconut or groundnuts or beans in the hot afternoons till now, and I’m even stronger than this doctor. How do you hope to convince Nigerians to drop sweet soaking Garri, the hope of the common man.

Recall that had reported that Nigerians were cautioned against consuming soaked garri.

This call was made by Dr Boniface Okolo, the director of Public Health, Enugu state. ( -> Same great journalism, upgraded for better service!

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