Ilorin postal code full list by area

Ilorin postal code full list by area

Even though the internet and various electronic means of communication are well developed today, paper letters and parcels are still being sent. One may need an Ilorin postal code to be able to send a letter or some goods to a particular address in this city to be sure that the item will be delivered correctly and timely.

Ilorin postal code

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The capital city of Kwara is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. Its population of about 800,000 persons makes it one of the top 10 most populated cities in the country, no wonder there is more than one Ilorin Kwara state postal code for different areas within the city.

What is the Ilorin South postal code?

postal code for Ilorin

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Ilorin South is a local government area in Kwara, Nigeria. Sometimes, it is referred to as South/East. The territory includes three districts: Gaa Akanbi, Iponrin, and the so-called rural side.

  • The rural side includes 34 locations, each of which receives 240101 in their mailing details
  • Iponrin district is the biggest of the three. It embraces 158 locations, and you need to write 240102 in the address if you are sending something to these addresses
  • Gaa Akanbi district involves 21 locations, and all the addresses in these streets are associated with 240103

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So, you can see that there is not just one mailing code for Ilorin South but three of them used for south and east districts.

Ilorin post code in town areas

Ilorin Kwara State postal code

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Now, it is time to take a look at different mailing details used in multiple areas of the city. You will see that they all begin with 240. These are digits given to Ilorin Nigeria itself and all the areas and districts it involves.

  • Oloje includes 14 streets that share the same Ilorin zip code: 240272
  • Kulende area includes 28 streets, lanes and roads that have the same mailing detail: 240213
  • Adewole Estate involves 30 lanes united by 240243
  • Taiwo consists of 14 streets that have another zip code for Ilorin: 240241
  • Stadium Rd. Gbalasa area embraces 10 locations that share their Ilorin postcode: 240231
  • Abdul Azeez area includes 13 streets with the same postal code Ilorin: 240242
  • Niger area consists of 16 lanes and roads united by the same digits: 240221
  • Okelele includes 13 streets where you can send a letter or a parcel if you write 240271 on them
  • Pakata area consists of 9 streets that can receive their mail only if it has 240244 on the wrapping
postal code Ilorin

Source: UGC

  • Gaa Akanbi area includes 23 locations with 240222
  • G.R.A. embraces 67 streets that are united by their own numbers 240212
  • Edn encompasses 7 roads and lanes with their own postal code for Ilorin: 240251
  • Muritala Rd. area 7 streets that have 240223 in their mailing address
  • Old Yidi area includes 9 streets, and you need to write 240232 on all the parcels or letters you send there
  • Sabon Line Amilegbe area includes 9 locations that were given 240281 for mail services
  • Emir’s Palace has 240211 in its mailing details

What is the University of Ilorin postal code?

University of Ilorin postal code

Source: UGC

Applicants or aspiring students may need to send something via post to this university. As stated, UNILORIN postal code is 240003.

So, hopefully, this Ilorin postal code list will be useful to you, and all the items you send to people in this beautiful city will find their addressees easily and quickly.

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