Kasie Hunt bio: age, eye injury, parents, wedding, pregnancy

Kasie Hunt bio: age, eye injury, parents, wedding, pregnancy

A beautiful and slim woman is smiling to you from the TV screen on NBC News. Her name is Kasie Hunt, and seems so smart and severe in her glasses and business suits, but what do you know about her? If you are not one of her close friends, read this article to look at this woman from a different perspective and learn about some curious situations from her work!

Kasie Hunt

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This beautiful woman has model parameters. Her height, for instance, is 5 feet 7 inches (170cm), and her weight is 134, 4 pounds (61 kg). She could have Probably become a model, but she has chosen another life path which is more challenging and even dangerous.

Who is Kasie Hunt?

This lady is a political reporter and journalist currently working on NBC news. She is also famous due to her appearANCE on ‘Morning Joe’ and anchoring Kasie DC on the Microsoft News Broadcasting Company (MSNBC).

No one can better describe her work than the journalist herself. This is how she described the things she adores in her profession in one of her interviews:

“Storytelling. That’s, to me, the heart of this job and everything that we do across all the platforms we work on. That combined with breaking news — those two things together ideally are, if we’re doing our jobs, the best. We’re both telling Americans what’s going on and what they should focus on today to help them figure out who they should vote for, but explaining it in a way that people can wrap their heads around and that they can enjoy watching… I also like travelling — it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. One of the unique things about covering politics in America is that I’ve gotten to see a lot of corners of this country that I never would’ve gotten to see.”

The most important thing about her reporting activity is that she tries to be quite open and at the same time politically correct with government and authorities.

She is not even reserved when speaking about the president. In her interview for Forbes, she told of how difficult it is for journalists to stay objective and sincere in the era of Donald Trump. Her words were as follows:

"Up until recently, regardless of political party, politicians adhered to the basic tenants of our government. We now live in a world of 'alternative facts,' where 'truth isn’t truth,' when unfavourable news coverage is dismissed as 'fake news,' and where fact-checkers can’t keep up. It is a daily challenge to figure out how to cover President Trump and his administration while also being clear about when those tenants aren’t being followed."

This brave journalist first appeared on TV in 2009 in an interview as a correspondent for the Congress Daily. After that, she worked as a correspondent for Politico.com. Today, she works as a correspondent for MSNBC. Moreover, she was an active commentator of the 2016 political campaign.

Frankness is good, but sometimes inability to trace the flow of speech brings opposite and unpleasant results. In 2017 the journalist had to apologise to the public when she called an assault that had left Rand Paul with six broken ribs and pneumonia one of her 'favourite stories'. However, professional fails happen to everybody.

Top facts from Kasie Hunt bio

  • The journalist was born on May 24, 1985, in Pennsylvania, USA. Therefore, Kasie Hunt age today is 33.
  • The journalist is American.
  • Kasie Hunt parents are Bruce Hunt and Krista Hunt. Her father is estate design and construction manager for Penn Medicine; her mother, Krista, is a yoga teacher in Easton.
  • She has a younger sister Carly Hunt born on July 11, 1987. Carly is a former golfer and a psychology major.
  • Kasie graduated from Conestoga High School in her native town (Pennsylvania, USA);
  • Hunt is a well-educated lady. She holds a bachelor's degree in international affairs from George Washington University. She also holds a master's degree in sociology (the University of Cambridge) and was a member of St John's College;
  • She started her journalistic career in 2005 as an intern in the political unit of NBC News, Washington D.C;
  • In 2011, she began working as a national political reporter for the Associated Press;
  • One may find her on Twitter with 418 thousand followers or on Instagram with 67 thousand followers;
  • She has no Facebook profile. She deleted it on December 2018 because she did not trust this social network team and did not believe in informational security there.

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What is known about Kasie Hunt eye injury?

Rumours about Kasie Hunt's eye injury appeared several years ago. There are no official announcements or pieces of evidence of her eye problems, but there was a funny situation while broadcasting, that actually provoked these rumours.

Waiting for her participation in a TV program, the female reporter bizarrely rolled her eyes. She was waiting outside offices on Capitol Hill during “MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson,” when Jackson asked her a question. The reporter did not hear it and changed her normal face expression into rather scarring. Jackson laughed and commented: “I think you’re seeing somebody maybe, in the hallway Kasie… Maybe not,” and decided to come back to Hunt a bit later.

What is known about Kasie Hunt private life?

This beautiful and smart lady is not single. Kasie Hunt wedding took place not so long ago, on May 6, 2017, at Shenandoah Woods. Kasie married her longtime boyfriend, Matt Rivera. Her husband also works on NBC as Senior Digital Producer for "Meet the Press with Chuck Todd."

On the photo, one may see the reporter in a traditional white V-neck dress without sleeves. She happily looks at her husband Matt Rivera. On the left, one may observe Hunt’s parents (her mother shines with happiness in her sincere smile). In one of her interviews Kasie commented:

“We were so touched that so many of our friends and family were willing to make the trek out to spend a weekend celebrating away from all the noise and distraction of our crazy lives in journalism.”

The ceremony is believed to have been very touching. The bride danced to “Sentimental Journey” with her 91-year-old grandfather and played the guitar around the campfire at the afterparty.

News on Kasie Hunt pregnant appeared just recently, this year and even this month! She announced it on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

It was a funny situation when the question about pregnancy arose and the host Mika Brzezinski asked being confused “So who is pregnant?” Hunt in response laughing pointed to the former Republican National Committee and said: “I doubt it’s Michael Steele.” Then she added: “I’m expecting a baby in August.” And even promised to bring him or her to the studio of the “Morning Joe” program.

There are many smart, and beautiful women on Earth and Kasie Hunt is one of them. This young lady has already demonstrated that she can work hard and provide for herself, and now a new challenge is waiting for her. This challenge is motherhood, and all her fans and followers are waiting for August to see her baby and read an extended version of her biography.

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