How to write a maternity leave letter (with sample)

How to write a maternity leave letter (with sample)

Are you planning to write a maternity leave letter? In this article, you will find a full guide on how to do it. We also prepared a sample to make the task even simpler for you. Just follow the instructions, and make a proper written request.

Maternity leave letter

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Every woman has a right to get a special vacation due to her pregnancy, but what about maternity leave letter format? Are there some strict rules on how to write it? Well, here we have the answers to these questions, and even more.

Maternity leave letter: definition and writing instructions

In accordance with labour law, any woman has a right to take maternity leave. The employer should give such kind of vacation to a future mother because it is very important for her and baby’s health. The term of maternity leave in Nigeria is four months.

Note that official requests are required to be written in accordance with several rules, and the first rule is a certain structure. If you want your request to look in a professional manner stick to such structure:

  • Start your writing request in the up left corner, here you should write your name;
  • The next point is your address;
  • After that, you can also write your phone number and contact email address;
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  • The next line is a date of writing;
  • Now you write the name of your employer;
  • Write company address;
  • Now goes an optional point, here you can write the type of your request, it can be “personal” or “confidential;"
  • Then goes the subject line. It is a short sentence, that is strict to the point. It can be just a kind of a headline like “Request for Maternity Leave;”
  • Salutation line: formal salutation is another standard line of any professional letter;
  • Opening paragraph: this is the place where you should say what is the purpose of your request, write about the reason and the term of your leave. Here you should also specify the dates of your absence at work;
  • Middle part: at this part, you can write how you can (if there is any ability) to help with some work projects during your leave;
  • Final paragraph: here you can write about the plans for your work after returning;
How to write a maternity leave letter?

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  • Thanking words: at this part, you write some thanking words for your employer for his understanding and the ability to stay at home during this highly important period;
  • Name and signature: this is the final part that is also common for all types of official letters.

The critical point is that together with maternity leave letter, a woman should also provide a medical certificate that confirms her pregnancy.

Maternity leave letter sample

Use this sample as an example for your request, let’s look:

Johanna Brown

Lagos city, Broad Street, 45



Olamide Agu

Rodgers Ltd.

Lagos city, Ogunlana Drive 15

Request for Maternity Leave

Dear Mr. Olamide Agu

In this letter, I want to ask you about maternity leave due to my pregnancy. My request is a full period of leave (16 weeks). My intention is to start maternity leave on February 21 and return to work on June 13.

Now, I'm working hard to finish all my current projects. Today, I discussed all the details of project X with manager H, and we pointed out the tasks that could be done remotely. I also attached to this letter the documents to confirm my pregnancy.

Thank you in advance, this leave is highly important for the health of my future baby and me. I appreciate the ability to work at company Rodgers Ltd. and look forward to continuing the work on all my projects. You have my contacts, so you can call me any time if there are some questions.

Kindest regards


Johanna Brown

Tips on how to write a maternity leave letter to employer

We also want to share with you some tips to make your leave request even better.

  • The important point is to highlight your excitement about returning to work

16 weeks is quite a long term, and it is better to tell that you will continue feasible work on some projects during this period, and stress your desire to come back in office.

Tips to write a letter

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  • Request the whole length of maternity leave

It is hard to tell how much time you will need after childbirth to come back in work mode, so ask the longest period that is allowed by the law.

  • Make sure that you have all the needed documents

The letter itself is not enough; you should also provide the approved certificate to confirm your pregnancy, don’t forget about this point.

  • Discuss your projects with colleges

Most likely your tasks will be given to your colleagues, so it is better to talk about all the possible issues before you leave.

Talk to the representatives of the human resources department in your company; it is better to discuss with them the format of your written request.

Now you know how to write maternity leave letter, we hope that this information will be useful for you. Remember that every working woman has a right to get such a special vacation.

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