Obafemi Martins house and cars

Obafemi Martins house and cars

How much do you know about Obafemi Martins house and cars? A Nigerian footballer has already made his first steps into elite football. Big sport brings big money, providing access to the riches and services of premium quality. Where does Obafemi Martins live now? How many elite cars does he own? Read the article to keep up with the news!

Obafemi Martins Mansion
Image: twitter.com, @Obafemimartins
Source: Twitter

Millions of people around the world adore football. Some of them go in for it, while the other ones prefer to watch the game through TV or at the stadium. However, all of them can describe the life of favourite players in the least details. The “problem” is that football provides players with access to riches and luxury life. Thus, they quickly change small flats into luxurious mansions, buy new cars, boats, and even aircraft.

Sometimes it is too hard to keep up with all the news. In this article, you will find out exciting facts about Obafemi Martins properties and vehicles in the garage.

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Obafemi Martins house

Obafemi Martins is a famous Nigerian footballer. He plays as a forward for Chinese Shanghai Greenland Shenhua F.C.

Recently, he has bought a stylish mansion in Lagos. He decided to share his happiness with fans and placed a few pictures of the new accommodation in social media. However, some time later, the pictures of Obafemi Martins mansion were removed.

Instead of them, one could see many congratulations with the photos of the footballer's mansion.

What about cars? Does the famous Nigerian footballer “go shopping” to the car showroom to find something special? Let’s see!

Obafemi Martins cars

Obafemi Martins Cars
Images: twitter.com, @Obafemimartins, instagram.com, @obagoal (modified by author)
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Being one of the wealthiest football players in Nigeria, Obafemi can allow himself buying any modern vehicle. Furthermore, he has a particular love for cars.

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In his garage the forward has the most luxurious vehicles in the world:

  • Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

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Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren of Obafemi Martins
Image: instagram.com, @obagoal
Source: Instagram

The price for such a vehicle is $964,521. This super sports car is the result of cooperation between the German car maker and British car manufacturer McLaren. It has 5.4L supercharged M155 SLR V8 powertrain and can deliver 262 PS or 720 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

  • Lamborghini Aventador that was bought for N162M
Lamborghini Aventador of Obafemi Martins
Image: instagram.com, @obagoal
Source: Instagram
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Image: instagram.com, @obagoal
Source: Instagram

The estimated cost of this speedy car varies between $128,900 and $295,000.

  • Bentley Bentayga (bought in 2017)
Bentley Bentayga
Image: instagram.com, @obagoal
Source: Instagram

Due to the data published by pulse.ng, the estimated cost of a vehicle was N95M ($300,000). The car features the 6L twin-turbo W-12 engine. The vehicle can be accelerated from the state of rest to 60 mph just in 4 seconds. The top speed of this beautiful toy can be at 187 mph equivalent to 301 kph, which makes the car the fastest SUV in the world.

  • Ferrari Spider
Ferrari Spider of Obafemi Martins
Image: instagram.com, @obagoal
Source: Instagram

Recently, the football player has expanded his garage with one more “toy” - Ferrari Spider and shared the pictures with his followers on Instagram.

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Now, you can give the full answer to the question related to Obafemi Martins house and cars. He is regarded as one of the most successful self-made people in Nigeria. Furthermore, this handsome man seems to get the top of the cream in his football career. We wish him luck and hope that soon, the football player will show us a bit more pictures of his new house and elite car fleet!

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