Benefits and functions of drama in society

Benefits and functions of drama in society

Do you know the benefits and functions of drama in society? It is likely that you and another vast majority of people in the world treat it only as entertainment and enjoy it mainly for passing time. Even the connoisseurs of high art never thought about the social importance of drama.

Benefits and functions of drama in society
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Scientists held various sociological research trying to find the roots of people's problems and the ways of its decision. But as it always happens, the answers are near, and we do not attach value to them. That has also occurred with theatre, which was only the way of entertainment, which has an essential value at his core.

What is drama?

The first meaning of this word is the literary genre. Only recently it received the sense of the scenic and cinema genre. When we hear something about theatre, the first our association with this word is going to the theatre, not the reading of the book.

Traditionally we distinguish the following characteristics of drama:

  • The plot, which should have a firmly-established structure;
  • Characters — the most important part of drama;
  • Language — metric or prose system;
  • Performance gives us information about time and place, where the action occurs;
  • Music, which raises and supports an impression of the visual image the audience sees.

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The history of the genre had its roots in Ancient Greece when theatrical pieces took place only on big feasts. Now we live in a great time and can go to the theatre whenever we want.

Functions of drama in society

Approximately 30 or even 40 years ago, when TV and the Internet have developed rapidly, several critics had a different point of view on performing arts including drama. They stated that arts in the 21st century would become unpopular and people forget about them. Television and the Internet were supposed to replace art entirely.

Atmosphere of theatre
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But as we now see, the situation did not get worse, vice verse, our society still loves drama: they attend performances and colleges again teach and graduate new talented actors. From these, we can conclude that the importance of theatre in society remains high. Regularly appearing theatre colleges and clubs illustrate to it.

As we have already mentioned, the drama is the way of entertainment for our society. It is the first and the main its function. The theatre develops us, no matter we are the actors ourselves or watch the performance. We improve our sense of aesthetics and our ability to understand people and life situations.

Performance in Nigeria
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One of the essential functions of drama in society — uniting. Theatre gathers different people together. This aspect is crucial for the 21st-century community full of lonely people. The big crowd of people gathers in one theatre to see the masterpiece and discuss it if they are not acknowledged. It is so much better than staring at the phone display.

There is a particular life situation in the script of any piece. We compare our life with life in the scene, put ourselves in their shoes and think what would we do. So that drama influences our own lives and our way of thinking, encourages us to review our experience, our principles and change it for the sake of us and our loved ones.

Audience waiting for drama
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The watching of drama even has an educational benefit. The speech constructions of characters in the show are widely different from those in our everyday speech, the cues change abruptly, and our mind works more intensively to understand the sense quickly. To learn more about past events and culture of different countries we can from historical pieces.

We hope after reading our article and learning about the main functions of drama in society, you will change your opinion about drama and stop seeing it as only a kind of pastime.

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