Lace and ankara combination styles to rock in 2019

Lace and ankara combination styles to rock in 2019

Ankara styles are one of those fashion trends that will always remain relevant and loved. No matter how many years go by, ankara style is worn by a lot of ladies and generally warmly accepted in the fashion world. New trends are introduced every year, and lately, the combo of ankara fabric and lace has been become widely popular. See the best lace and ankara combination styles and choose the one that your heart desires!

Lace and Ankara combination styles to rock in 2019

New ankara fashion styles with lace

Ankara fabrics, combined with the beautiful lace, is perfect for women of every age and style. There is no difference whether you prefer dressing in an extravagant, modest, or casual way – you will always find a style that will feel personal for you and inspire you.

Lace fabric is a really great accessory to the ankara gown. Usually, ladies prefer lace because it gives a feeling of lightness, elegance, and beauty. It is, without doubt, the nice accessory for your dress made of ankara fabric. Read our to learn the latest trends on ankara and lace combo, and getting inspired for your own amazing outfit for any occasion!

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Lace and ankara best combinations


Latest Nigerian fashion styles: Ankara and lace

Here are some super trendy styles that you can adopt, which involve the combination of lace and ankara styles. We are sure that you will easily fall in love with them, because they are very flexible and can look good on every woman, regardless of age and body type!

1. Light green and orange beauty

The light green color symbolizes spring, hope, and light. So, there is no wonder that this choice will make you look younger and more refreshed. The green lace top will definitely raise a lot of curiosity and admiration. Besides, the peplum top and long skirt made of the orange and light green ankara fabric will add some elegance to your presence, and give you a unique touch. These colors look great together and create a timeless African style.

Add some bright makeup and the traditional accessories, and you will be ready to go wow everyone.

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Light green and orange dress


2. The pop of yellow with dark blue

Yellow is the color that is probably the most luminous on the hue. When we hear about this color, we imagine sunlight and beautiful vast fields, as well as yellow flowers like sunflowers and dandelions. This color, without any doubt, captures the attention of everyone almost immediately, and this is why it would be an amazing idea to wear the primarily yellow ankara outfit. While the top is made of the yellow lace, the bottom is fully ankara fabric with the golden yellow, dark blue and white combinations.

You can also wear the matching headwrap to complete this amazing look. Finally, the golden accessories like an elegant watch will make you even more gorgeous.

Lace and ankara yellow


3. Pink lacy dress with the ankara elements

Even if you might have a hard time to believe it at first, the bright pink shades can look absolutely amazing on the black woman in the combination with her lovely dark skin. This dress consists of two different shades – magenta and flamingo pink, but they work together very well and complement the figure of the woman.

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4. Black lace with blue ankara fabrics

Here is one more beautiful dress for you, which can potentially drive everyone’s eyes to you. This is a classic style, which will show your inner beauty and charm. The color black is really beneficial to every body type because it can emphasize on the strong sides of your figure and also hide the imperfections. For example, the black lacy sleeves are very good at hiding the plump arms. The black dress which has a back made of lace can underline your graceful posture.

Finally, the long dress with lacy black patterns, which also has a deep neckline, is able to visually make your legs longer, so it will seem that you are taller than you actually are.

Blue ankara and black lace


5. Gorgeous flowery dress

This gown is truly something incredible, and it looks even better together with the classy hairstyle and sophisticated accessories. The flowery pattern, which completely covers the sleeves, makes it unique and different from all the other gowns. The red patterned part on the waistline is meant to create the contrast from all the blue colors, and match together with the large red earrings.

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Flowery dress


6. Red and purple gown with black lace

We already talked about the benefits of the black lacy material, which suits everyone and creates a very delightful effect. However, sometimes you want your ankara fabric to be no less visible than the black lace. So, you can consider wearing a classic dress with the round pattern of red circles on the purple background, and then cover one of your arms with the asymmetrical black lacy sleeve.

Red and purple Ankara dress


7. Sunny dress with yellow lace

This is a dress for those women who always maintain a positive mindset and preserve a smile on their face in every situation. This gown totally looks best when you are in a good mood. There is a bright lacy top with a butterfly pattern, which will indicate that you are as bright as the sun, and as light as a butterfly. Underneath, there is a green ankara fabric dress with some pops of yellow, which will show that you are exceptionally good at combining clothes.

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8. Geometric creativity

This outfit really makes your figure look more appealing, and the use of thin black belt adds elegance to your waistline. You can add some pleasing accessories, like a simple black clutch, and you are done and ready to impress the public.

Geometric dress


9. Mini-dress with ankara fabric and lace

Are you a party girl who always likes being noticed and cannot spend one day without being an apple of everyone’s eye? Perhaps, this cocktail dress is just what you need, because it is bright, appealing, and reveals all of your best sides. The magenta and yellow colors go quite well together and are complimenting your lovely features, especially your skin tone. It has a memorable pattern and a nice lacy part at the bottom, which makes your legs look more appealing.

You can try this look together with a unique hairstyle, like dreadlocks. Using a bright lipstick and bringing a little shiny clutch together with you would be a good idea, and of course, this dress will look the most attractive together with high heels. Be hot and confident!

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10. Blue geometric patterns

The blue ankara patterns are really popular among the women who are big fans of this fabric. The most appealing things about the color blue is that it looks incredibly well with the dark skin, and if you wear an outfit made of blue ankara pattern, it can be combined very well with the white lace. It can both look official and be acceptable for the parties.

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Blue ankara dress


11. Floral dress with white lace

This one is the win for women who are plus-sized and would like something to complement their figure. First of all, the floral shapes, which come in pink, yellow and black colors, are really distracting from any flaws or imperfections of the body shape. You can use the minimal accessories because it is quite charming on its own.

12. Memorable dress with vertical division

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Perhaps you would like to wear a dress, which consists of both lace and ankara fabric? This dress is divided right in half! One part of it is made out of beautiful white lace, and another one is the ankara fabric primarily of blue and orange colors.

Lace and ankara dress


13. The lace blouse and long dress

Do you like the mermaid type of skirts? In fact, they are extremely good for emphasizing the benefits of your figure, especially when you are proud of your curves and would like to showcase them in the most winning way. This type of dress can be very enchantingly combined with the classic black lace blouse, which will also show your figure in a very beneficial way, as it was said above in one of the dress descriptions.

Mermaid dress


14. Blue ankara dress with black lace elements

One of the best color combinations is saturated dark blue together with the black. It just looks extremely pleasing and guarantees that someone’s attention will fall on you. The bodice part is beautifully decorated with black lace, and all the other parts are made of dark blue ankara fabric with some orange patterns.

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The good recommendations for perfecting this outfit would be wearing a few minimalist accessories and a gorgeous black head wrap.

Beautiful Ankara dress


15. Black lace dress with random ankara elements

Have you ever wished you could wear the classic black dress, but add some stylish ankara patterns to it? Well, your dream has come true! The color black makes a very curious combination in sync with the pink, blue, and purple colors. It shows that you are not just elegant and serious but also playful and care about your style.

You can choose the headwear to match the pattern because it can add extra charm. Choose some suitable accessories, like a white clutch bag for contrast, and large noticeable earrings.

Black lace dress


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