Problems of trade union in Nigeria

Problems of trade union in Nigeria

It is impossible to overemphasize the problems of trade union in Nigeria. Trade unions plays significant roles in the social and economic development of Nigeria, guaranteeing the general welfare of the Nigerian labor force. What problems do trade unions face nowadays?

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Problems and challenges of trade union in Nigeria

Trade unions have already shown their strengths on a global level, but they also have many flaws and problems. Below we will tell you about the main ones, as well as talk about the prospects of trade unions in the country.

1. Uneven concentration

The most active trade unions are in large areas with high concentration of industries, but similar activity is feeble in small organizations. It is the main reason for the poor attitude of employers to employees in small organizations.

2. Small size

Today, there are over a hundred trade unions throughout Nigeria. Unfortunately, most of these unions are insignificant due to their size and quantity. Because of these qualities, the result of the work of the trade unions is reduced almost to zero.

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3. Inadequate finance

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of trade unions in Nigeria, but only some of them have a large number of participants, which directly affects the level of income. But the financial problem is present not only in small companies but also in large ones. Due to a significant number of participants, it is difficult to keep track of whether all taxes are paid, which is also bad for the general welfare.

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4. Poor leadership

The war for a leadership position occurs not only at the top of power, but such manipulations take place even between members of trade unions. Often news tells us about the conflicts during the elections, sometimes even with the use of weapons. Most union members usually put their own interests and goals at the forefront and are not oriented towards the common good.

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5. Corruption

The reputation of some Nigerian trade unions has suffered greatly due to the high level of corruption inherent in both union leaders and its members. There were cases when trade unionists were accused of abuse of power, bribery, and theft of union property.

6. Proliferation of unions

Since there are a lot of trade unions in the country, there is a factor in the specialty in the same sphere, which in turn leads to rivalry, conflicts, and reduced efficiency of labor.

7. Indifference, apathy, and lack of motivation

Virtually all union members have no special interest in the activities of their organization, so they are rare guests of meetings. The main reason for this situation is the lack of financial motivation and rewards, so employees see only disadvantages in joining a trade union.

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