Linda Ikeji lists 10 things she is most grateful for as 2018 come to an end (photos)

Linda Ikeji lists 10 things she is most grateful for as 2018 come to an end (photos) earlier reported that popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji who recently became a mother of one has showed off her son Jayce's Bentley Mulsanne on social media. The blogger had promised to buy her son the expensive car even before he arrived.

After showing off Jayce in his white Bentley Mulsanne, the celebrity blogger has taken to her Instagram handle to list the 10 things she is most grateful for as the year 2018, comes to an end.

Ikeji is grateful for birthing her baby boy, her parents, siblings, friends, business, her Banana Island home, her possessions as well as her haters. She thanked them for all the criticisms because they made her stronger.

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Her post reads: “You know what they say, 'count your blessings and name them one by one'. So here I am doing exactly that on the last day of the year and thanking God for how far He's brought me. 2018 has so far been the best year of my life and these are the things I'm most grateful the particular order...asides from life and good health because really without that, nothing else matters. (Swipe for pics):

1. My son, Jayce. By far the best thing that's ever happened to me.

2. My parents. Alive, healthy, still in love and enjoying the fruit of their labour.

3. My siblings. All happy and doing well. The best brother and sisters anyone could ask for.

4. Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB).. the platform that changed my life and made it possible for me to change other people's lives. 12 years later, it's still thriving and still making mega box.

5. My house. The first time I visited Banana Island was in 2013. And I remember looking around in wonder and thinking people who lived there were so lucky. I never imagined I'd buy a house there 2 years later.

6. Linda Ikeji TV (LITV): it is not what it is now but what it will become in the future that makes me so excited. Amazing things will start happening at LITV in 2019.

7. Friends: my friends and inner circle aren't more than five people but they are the best friends any person can ask for and I've known all of them long before I became the Linda Ikeji.

8. Loyal LIB readers; your loyalty over the years is what has brought me this far and has made it possible for me to continue to do what I love, blogging. Cant thank you guys enough.

9. My worldly possessions: in 2008, my 700k car was repossessed because I couldn't pay the balance on the car...who knew that 10 years later, I'd own a Bentley Mulsanne?

10. 'Haters' - I'm grateful for the criticism, the bashing, the hate and harsh words. It reminds me all the time that I must be doing something right because really, who sits down and talks about someone they feel is beneath them? And you know what they say 'you can't reach your destiny without opposition, without negative chatter, without the critics'. So see more of you in 2019. So what are you grateful for?”

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