Richest pastor in the world - Top 10 rating

Richest pastor in the world - Top 10 rating

Who is the richest pastor in the world, do you know? We are used to thinking about pastors keeping in mind the way they bring faith to our hearts and encourage us. We are not always into the question of their net worth. Still, it may be interesting for many Nigerians to know whether some of their pastors have found their names on the list of the richest ones in the world.

Richest pastor in the world
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Who are the richest pastors in the world: top 10

The rankings change every year and everything we can do to get the most recent information is keep an eye on reliable sources and their updates. Here we have a list of ten most well-off pastors in the entire world and you are welcome to check this information out right here and right now.

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  • Bishop David Oyedepo

Many Nigerians know Bishop David Oyedepo as the founder of the Living Faith Church (World Wide Ministries). This church is also famous and known in Nigeria as the Winners Chapel. This man is an architect by profession, which fact is not strange because many famous pastors have educations and professions that have nothing to do with their sphere of activities.

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Well, people say that the pastor has a good team of intelligent and skilled advisors. These advisors always give him good recommendations on safe and profitable investments. This is how he may have earned his current estate.

The pastor owns four private jets, mansions in several countries, and he also has the Covenant University and the Landmark University.

Net worth: estimated as $150 million

  • Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes’ real name is Thomas Dexter Jakes. This American pastor is known as the founder and the irreplaceable head pastor of the Potter’s House. This is one of the most loved and popular churches in the USA.

It’s worth noticing that T.D. Jakes has done an incredible work to expand this church to the size it is now, and it’s necessary to mention that it has no other branches anywhere outside the United States. Actually, there’s only one church of the Potter’s House in the USA and it has no affiliates anywhere else, even within the USA.

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The pastor sells his books and motivational speeches for immense amounts of money, he owns an estate and he’s also said to have a ring with a diamond of a coin size.

Net worth: estimated as $147 million

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  • Chris Oyakhilome

This is the pastor who founded the famous Christ Embassy (officially titled the Believers’ Love World Ministries). The church is known for a range of controversial situations and matters, yet, none of them has affected the number of people who attend it. The Christ Embassy now has about 40,000 worshippers in the world.

The pastor himself is a talented preacher, a writer and a successful businessman

Net worth: estimated as $50 million

  • Benny Hinn

Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn has been in ministery for more than 40 years. Thanks to this fact, he is now one of the several evangelist pastors in the world who have been in service for so many years.

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There are several super successful crusades in his biography. He has brought his faith to so many countries around the world and his presence has always been impactful. The TV teaching and broadcast sessions have more than 18 million of viewers and subscribers all around the globe.

Net worth: estimated as $42 million

  • E. A. Adeboye

Enoch Adejare Adeboye is a popular pastor often called Daddy G.O. He’s said to be one of the most influential and popular pastors in the world. People say that he’s the most approachable clergyman in Nigeria and one of the most humble pastors in the world. Daddy G.O. has been the leader of one of the most famous churches in Nigeria – the Redeem Christian Church of God for 30 years! This is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria.

Net worth: estimated as $39 million

  • Creflo Dollar

This pastor is the founder of one of the biggest and most popular church in the USA, the World Changers Church International. This church is located in Futon, Georgia, and has members all around the USA. However, the evangelist pastor is a clever investor and apart from the church, he possesses a range of successful establishments around the country. The Creflo Dollar Convention Association and Arrow Records, his own music label, bring him a certain sum.

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Net worth: estimated as $27 million

  • Kenneth Copeland

Who doesn’t know this man? The founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Mr. Copeland has been in the center of some controversy for a while. The point was that he was accused for being rather a businessman more than a preacher. Mr. Copeland also has an airstrip on those 1,500 acres.

He is said to own a mansion by a lake, and the mansion is worth $6 million. The private jet the ministry possesses and other aircrafts that are attached to it cost altogether about $26 million.

Net worth: estimated as $25 million

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  • Billy Graham

William Franklin “Billy” Graham has been in the ministry service for more than 30 years. This television evangelist from the USA has a network that reaches as many as 30 countries all around the globe. This is a wider audience than any other evangelist pastor has ever reached.

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Net worth; estimated as $25 million

  • T.B. Joshua

His church the Synagogue Church of All Nations really reaches all nations and has many branches. Followers of the pastor and his ministries can be found all over Africa, in Asia, UK, Greece, and other countries. Located in Lagos, this church has about 150,000 of worshippers worldwide.

Net worth: estimated as $18 million

  • Matthew Ashimolowo

At the moment, pastor Ashimolowo has his own media company and clever investments in real estate. As well, the King’s Way International Christian Center is known as the biggest Pentecost church in the entire United Kingdom.

Net worth: estimated as $16.5 million

Richest pastor in the world
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This is the list of the richest pastor in the world net worth. Checkout more updates to always stay in the course of things and know everything about your favorite pastors!

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