NDA students' salary after graduation in Nigeria

NDA students' salary after graduation in Nigeria

Many people are interested in NDA ranks and salary after graduation. So, in this article, we have prepared some known information on this question for you. Read on to see the list and find out the wages.

NDA salary

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NDA students salary after graduation

Here we have the list of ranks and salaries of the academy. It is known that many graduates of the institution start their military career in the academy because it proposes many workplaces for the graduates. Students can receive their first salary in the institution during the last year in the academy.

  • NDA salary of Private Soldier

Salary per month: N49,000

Salary per year: N588,000

  • Lance Corporal

Salary per month: N55, 000

Salary per year: N660,000

  • Corporal

Salary per month: N58,000. See also: NDA application form 2018: 2018 last date, requirements, online application process

Salary per year: N696,000

NDA nda ranks

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  • Sergeant

Salary per month: N63,000

Salary per year: N756,000

  • Staff Sergeant

Salary per month: N68,000

Salary per year: N816,000

  • Warrant Officer

Salary per month: N80, 000

Salary per year: N960,000

  • Master Warrant Officer

Salary per month: N90, 000

Salary per year: N1,080,000

NDA graduation

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  • Second Lieutenant

Salary per month: N120,000

Salary per year: N1,440,000

  • Lieutenant

Salary per month: N180,000

Salary per year: N2,160,000

  • Captain

Salary per month: N220,000

Salary per year: N2,640,000

  • Major

Salary per month: N300,000

Salary per year: N3,600,000

  • Lieutenant Colonel

Salary per month: N350,000

Salary per year: N4,200,000

Nigerian Defence Academy

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  • Colonel

Salary per month: N550,000

Salary per year: N6,600,000

  • Brigadier General

Salary per month: N750,000

Salary per year: N9,000,000

  • Major General

Salary per month: N950,000

Salary per year: N11,400,000

  • Lieutenant General

Salary per month: N1,000,000

Salary per year: N12,000,000

  • General

Salary per month: N1,500,000

Salary per year: N18,000,000

Salary in academy

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Now NDA students know what to expect after graduation and achieving any military rank in the academy.

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Nigerian Defence Academy

The academy was opened in 1964, the new institution was based on reformed British run Royal Military Forces Training College. The institution specializes in the training of officer corps of Navy, Nigerian Army and Air Force. See also: Nigerian Defence Academy short service requirements

The course of studying lasts for five years, it includes academic study and military training (one year). The academy is proud of many notable alumni, even a current president Muhammadu Buhari once was NDA student.

Visit the official website of the institution https://www.nda.edu.ng/ to find out the admission requirements and other details.

As you see the graduates of the academy have all the chances to build a successful career after graduation and receive a reasonable salary.

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