Pasuma's wife and children: does he have a family?

Pasuma's wife and children: does he have a family?

Wasiu Alabi Ajibola Odetola, also known as Pasuma Wonder, is one of the most remarkable Nigerian Fuji musicians. He has gained huge fame during his 30 years career. Pasuma’s contribution to Fuji music is undoubtful. He has many fans, this is why is not surprising that many people are eager to find out juicy details from his personal life. Though there is not as many information about Pasuma wife and children as one may want to know, but we have managed to find something interesting to tell you.

Pasuma wife and children

Pasuma's wife: is the musician married?

Pasuma’s voice and talent made him shine like a bright star in the Nigerian music industry sky after he gained prominence from his Mushin origin. Aside from the career in the music, another thing about the musician is the fact that he is still hoping to get married one day.

Similar to other musicians, Pasuma is known to attract many female fans and have a relationship with widely-known actresses. As for marrying one of his female fans, Pasuma doesn’t find this idea reasonable as he considers them only fans and nothing more:

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“I’ve had fans who have ended up becoming my close, true friends…I’ve found very good ones. But I’ve had Radical fans too. I try to manage… some will call you on the phone and say all sorts… you just have to be good with them”.

It is known that Pasuma has featured in a few Nollywood movies but at some moment he stopped acting. During this period, he was known to date some celebrities though he denied this fact:

“They are all my friends and we are in the same industry. That makes it easy for us to understand each other”.

He said that he was not sure if he would marry any of them:

“I can’t tell. When the time comes, I will know and you will know”.
Ronke Odusanya

Photo: YouTube

Pasuma is heard to be linked to many women in the past, and many of them were popular Yoruba actresses. The actor was known to be in a relationship with Ronke Odusanya popularly known as Flakky Ididowo. It has been rumoured that he had been planning to get married to the popular actress. The actor and musician rejected all the rumours:

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“Flakky is a friend […] However, I cannot tell you that it cannot happen later. But for now, there is nothing like that on the card”.

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Flakky Ididowo

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A lot of rumours began to circulate, but the actor said that he is was not planning to get married to anybody to avoid making painful mistakes:

“There are lots of women that have been linked with me. But you see, I need to take my time and not rush into anything that may make me end up in tears”.

The musician seems not to afraid end up not getting married because he has children and is going to be careful choosing women:

“Let me tell you something, I have a 23-year- old child. You’ll agree with me that I need to take my time and be very careful about my choice of woman”.

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The famous Nollywood actor Pasuma was heard to be dating with Iyabo Ojo. The actor rejected the rumours despite the facts that it was heard that he gave her fund to launch a restaurant. Pasuma stressed that they are very good friends, and we are very close, but that didn’t mean that they were dating:

“We have not dated before, and we are not dating. The idea has not crossed our minds. We are friends and that is enough for us”. The answers to most of the questions about his plans about marrying any woman in the future were something like this: “I can’t tell. When the time comes, I will know and you will know”.

The famous Fuji musician explained the situation of being single:

“I am not single. I have children out of wedlock. I am married to my children and I am happy with them. That does not erase the fact that I may decide to get married tomorrow. I want a woman who has the fear of the Lord. She has to be educated and homely. If I find a woman who has all these qualities and a few extras, you would be the first to know”.

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Also, the singer said that he's comfortable living without a wife.

As of 2018, the famous Nigerian singer is 51, and he has never been reported to be married officially. In one of the interviews, Pasuma was asked what kind of woman he is interested in getting married to. The answer was the following:

“That’s personal best known to me and my god for now…But God knows I want a God-fearing woman…a caring wife that can take care of the house, mingle well with friends and family and is well educated”.
Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya; photo:

In some interviews, the singer revealed stories about women he was planning to marry or had a romantic relationship. One of the women he was supposed to marry was Ayo Adesanya:

“I love her so much. Everybody in my family knew her and knew that I wanted to marry her”.

What happened was unveiling the secret love by journalists. Nobody outside of his family knew that he was dating anybody, and that was the way the couple wanted their relationship to be.

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Everything happened unexpectedly for the singer. One day he went with Ayo to a show and journalists saw them together. They showed their pictures on the front page of the newspapers. The journalists supposedly heard the rumour, but they couldn’t confirm it. But that day when they saw the couple together, they got a confirmation, without even need to interview them. When the rumors were confirmed, Ayo couldn’t handle that. The musician said that he would call her, but she would say she was busy. He understood that she was withdrawing from the relationship, so, he decided that he had to let her go. Was it a mistake? The artist explained this the following way:

"There is something about love. If you love someone, you’d want them to be happy. If their happiness is not with you, you’ll have to let them go”.

Ayo Adesanya couldn’t handle the pressure, and she was not happy the way she was happy before. Pasuma even said that he was still in love with her, and if she would say “yes” to his marriage proposal that day, he would marry her. Ayo Adesanya has been married before and has a child.

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Ayo Adesanya

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Pasuma's legal wife: true or rumour?

There is an interesting alleged Asabe Afrika interview with Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola that according to the published interview claimed to be Pasuma's legal wife. According to the source, the celebrity said that they have been married for 7 years.

Alhaja Yetunde Babajide is the Chief Executive Officer of Yefadot Group of Companies with many other subsidiaries. She is into politics, and she is a title holder of Iyalode of the entire Ojodu kingdom in Lagos state. Answering the question, how did she meet and fall in love with Pasuma, she said that destiny brought them together.

According to that published interview, the woman said that she never believed that she could marry someone like her husband because she was a well-read and educated woman, a businesswoman, and a politician.

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Alhaja Yetunde Babajide allegedly said that despite this she was in a very close relationship with his mother. The woman said that her husband did not womanise, but probably because of the kind of profession he had chosen and fame, a lot of women did run after him. She added that he had a good aura of love around him and he was not someone who could frown his face on people. As for the other women of his husband, she was not aware of them explaining that with the claim that she was his only legally married wife whom he had paid a dowry on.

We have managed to find an alleged contradiction of the mentioned interview. The source claimed that Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola didn't give any interview to Asabe Afrika and didn't marry Pasuma secretly or publicly.

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Yetunde Babajide

Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola; photo:

There were also many rumours about Pasuma's first wife Jaiye Kuti who is an actor and producer. In the film titled “Jaiyeola Ni Mo N Je” produced by Jaiye Kuti, Pasuma played the role of her fiance and husband. There were rumours that Jaiye Kuti got married to the actor. Jaiye Kuti said that she never dated Pasuma explaining that the on set photos of them were from the movie. She also explained that she chose Pasuma to feature in the movie because he was very popular and that it would encourage people to buy the movie.

Jaiye Kuti

Photo from:

Pasuma's children

When it comes to fatherhood, he has many kids. A lot of people, especially, Pasuma’s fans, know that he has never married but has 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys) from three women.

The children are Wasilat, Barakat, Wasbar, Amirah, Opeyemi, Sultan, Waris, and Aliyah. The rest 2 children’s names are unknown. Most of Pasuma's children live abroad.

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Pasuma sons


When talking about family, Pasuma said:

“I have children and I don’t hide them. I’m still single but I’m not searching. I am very proud of my kids. That’s why you see I always praise-sing them in my songs. As long as they continue to do well in school. As long as they continue to make me proud, I’ve promised to always give them the best”.

Pasuma’s oldest daughter is Wasilat Olabisi Odetola. She is 28 as of 2018. Wasilat studied at Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo State. In one of the interviews, Wasilat has revealed that her father is the best father in the world because he gives all his children the opportunity to choose their career path and also encourages them.

Wasilat admitted that she has lovely childhood memories with your father:

“During my childhood days, he always encouraged me to write letters to him whenever I wanted to communicate with him. He did that as a way of helping me to improve my understanding of the English language”.

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She explained that her father was a very busy man, but despite his busy nature, he tried to create time for his children. Wasilat described her father as a principled man and an indoor person. Also, Wasilat revealed that her father takes care of his children taking them to countries such as Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Pasuma also gave Wasilat a Toyota Matrix as a gift for her 25th birthday.

Wasilat Olabisi Odetola


Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is one of the top fuji musicians who carved his niche in the Nigerian music industry in the early ’90s. Despite a successful career, not much is known about his personal life, except for the fact that he has 10 children and no official wife.

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