How many types of letter writing do we have?

How many types of letter writing do we have?

In this article, we want to tell you about different types of letter writing. We have prepared the overview of classifications and requirements for different kinds of the letters. So, read on to see the details.

Types of letter
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Types of letter writing

Letters are considered as an important part of the communication process. Did you know that there are various types of letter writing? It is important to know the differences between these types, and how to use them.

Today there are two main types of letters, they also can be called two categories of letters. The categories are: inquiry letters and information letters.

  • An inquiry letter is a form of a request for change, knowledge or action.
  • Information letter provides useful pieces of information, important details, or knowledge.

In this category we can put friendship letters, thank you letters, and even love letters because these letters give the information about some feelings.

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Various letters
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There are also business, professional letters and legal letters.

  • Business & Professional Letters

Most of Business & Professional Letters can be considered as an inquiry type or in some cases as information letter.

Business letters are divided into such types:

  • Sales Letters

Such letters are informational, usually with strong statement and calls to action, description of the benefits of some product, and contact information.

  • Order Letters

These are the letters that are sent from a consumer to a manufacturer, to order some products, goods or services. Such letters always contain specific information about the product (model number, name, quantity and so on).

Letter writing
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  • Complaint Letters

It is important to hold a professional tone in this kind of letter.

  • Business Inquiry Letters

These letters are the means to ask a question and receive the information from the recipient.

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  • Follow-Up Letters

This kind of letter is usually sent after some kind of the initial communication. It can be, for example, job seeker inquiring letter about the status of his or her application.

  • Letters of Recommendation

The employers may ask the job applicant to present such type of letter from a previous employer.

  • Acknowledgement Letters

Such a letter can be considered as a receipt.

  • Cover Letters

This type of letter usually accompanies a report, package or other merchandise. These are description letters.

White letter
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  • Letters of Resignation

This letter is sent when the employee plans to leave his or her job.

In this regard, we should mention Job Application Letters

This is kind of inquiry letter, your task in this letter is to present yourself as professionally as possible, it is important not to allow any mistakes, and know what kind of job you are applying for. See also: Best love letters for girlfriend

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There is also such type as Job Offer Letter, sometimes the employer wants to offer some job opportunity, this is kind of informational letter.

There is also such classification as formal and informal letters.

  • Formal letters follow a certain pattern, and the writer should follow the strict structure of the letter. There are various types of formal letter writing but every one of them should follow the rules. Every type of business letter belongs to this category.
Letter types
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  • Informal Letter is personal, there is no patterns for such letters, the writer is free to express his or her thoughts or feelings in any manner.

It is hard to answer the question - how many types of letter writing are there? It depends on the classification, there is a big number of letter types. If you need to write some formal letter, you should follow the pattern, if you want to write an informal letter, you soul follow your feelings.

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