What does bitter leaves water do to the body? Interesting details

What does bitter leaves water do to the body? Interesting details

Should you consume bitter leaf juice or add add its leaves into your salads and dinners? What does bitter leaves water do to the body? You should explore the awesome benefits and health effect of this natural product since it can improve your health, make you stronger and happier.

What does bitter leaves water do to the body?

We want to talk about the incredible effect of bitter leaf in the body. You will be surprised to learn some wonderful facts that might change your lifestyle.

Before we list all the most interesting health benefits of bitter leaf, let us look at its botanical name and some other facts.

Botanical name of bitter leaf

The term bitter leaf has different names across Africa. Some Nigerian tribes call it 'ewuro', others say it is 'onugbu', and there is also ‘ndole’ version of the name.

Bitter leaf is a common name for numerous species, and each one has its personal botanical name. Here are some examples of the botanical names of bitter leaf:

  • V. colorata
  • V. calvoana
  • Vernonia
  • V. amygdalina

Bitter leaves can be consumed by people and animals as leaf vegetables.

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Health benefits of bitter leaves water to the body

Top 10 health benefits of bitter leaf water

There are several ways how you can consume bitter leaf to get the most of its advantages and enhance your health. Some people like to make bitter leaf water and drink it. Others chop fresh leaves into their daily meals.

Effect 1: Cure against high blood pressure

Many people have this health issue called hypertension or high blood pressure. Bitter leaves can influence your blood pressure and reduce it thanks to the high levels of potassium contained in the leaves.

Eat roots, leaves, drink bitter leaf water (just boil leaves if you wish to get your own ‘juice’ version) and you will control your blood pressure.

High blood pressure

Effect 2: Natural ‘pill’ to fall asleep

Do you have insomnia? If you cannot fall asleep at night and wish to fix this problem, you can talk to your doctor about consuming bitter leaf water.

The drink made of this incredible plant can help you get some sleep, feel relaxed and rested. Of course, if you only take the bitter leaf extract one time, the miracle might not happen. It can take several days or even weeks to treat your condition and fix insomnia in your particular situation.

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Sleeping woman

Effect 3: No stomach pains

If you suffer from stomach pain and this happens periodically, you can consume bitter leaf water, and the pain will go away.

If you don’t like to drink the juice or water, chew a couple of plant stems and don’t pay attention to the bitter taste. Swallow the juice and wait. The relief should follow soon, and your stomachache will disappear.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor in case you are getting stomach pains. Bitter leaf can make you feel better, but may not cure the cause of your pain.

Effect 4: Improved fertility

Women, who wish to create a happy and loving family and are ready to have children but suffer from tissue problems or cannot get pregnant easily, can consume bitter leaves water (after consulting their physician) and improve their fertility.

This plant has amazing detoxification properties and can be used for quicker regeneration.

Pregnancy test

Effect 5: Healthy drink for preventing cancer

People, especially men, get a higher risk of developing prostate cancer when they turn 40-50 years old. This dangerous disease causes problematic and aching urination, so it is better to do everything you can to prevent it from happening.

Natural herbs and plants can be a healthy prevention method. Thus, if you start adding bitter leaf into your vegetable salads (this way you can avoid the bitter taste) or drinking a glass of water with bitter leaf juice (it is easy to squeeze some leaves) several times a day, you can improve the urination and clean your body, remove dangerous cells and help them renew faster.

Effect 6: Bitter leaves water for healthier lungs

What does bitter leaves water do to the body in terms of inflammation illnesses? It can be a good natural treatment for pneumonia and other lung diseases.

Consuming bitter leaf juice or fresh stems can be useful for your body. It will easily fight bacteria and viruses and help your lungs stay clean and healthy.

Bitter leaves water

Effect 7: Lowering down body heat

If you have a cold or other illness that causes high body temperature, you can reduce your fever by consuming bitter leaf stems or bitter leaf water. This plant is capable of reducing the body tension which results in lower temperature.

You can boil bitter leaves in water, add some honey into the cup and drink such water a couple of times a day for better effect.

Effect 8: Itchiness reduction

People who suffer from itchiness and are tired of fighting with this unpleasant condition can try using herbs such as bitter leaf. There are several ways you can do this.

The first method is as follows. If your itchiness is caused by bacteria, you should rub the leaf into the parts of the skin that itch. Perform this procedure several times a day to reduce your itchiness.

The second method is making special bitter leaf water (combine bitter leaves with ginger roots) and drink it 2-3 times daily.

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Effect 9: Natural cure for diarrhea

If you experience digestion problems and suffer from diarrhea, you should talk to your doctor about consuming bitter leaves water.

Effect 10: Better skin

Women and men who love their skin to be healthy and shiny should add bitter leaf into an everyday menu. All the useful elements, minerals and vitamins contained in raw bitter leaves are good for your skin. They can fight with free radicals and help your skin to look young and lower down the ageing effect.

Taking a glass of juice squeezed from the plant at least once a day can be a wonderful solution to many issues with your skin.

Beautiful skin

Other effects

Bitter leaf water and leaves can be your personal method of treating various health conditions, from diabetes to tuberculosis. This plant can improve the functions of your body, improve your skin and hair, make your kidneys healthier, remove stomach pains, get rid of the fever and solve other problems.

All these incredible effects offered by the popular herb are possible thanks to all its nutrients, such as:

  • Calcium
  • Folic acid
  • Potassium
  • Vitamins
  • Flavonoids
  • Alkaloids
  • Cooper
  • Minerals

You have learned about some of the most curious and awesome health benefits of bitter leaf water. As you can see, bitter leaf can be cooked or consumed raw (leaves, stems), which is even better because this way you will receive more useful elements and amazing nutrients this plant offers. Enjoy health benefits of bitter leaves water, stay healthy and do not forget to consult with your doctor, because all health issues have a prime cause and only specialist will help you to find it out.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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