Most marketable courses in Nigeria

Most marketable courses in Nigeria

If you check the JAMB brochure, you will discover that there are many courses you can study in Nigeria. But the truth is that some courses are way more marketable than the others. And the marketability of any course is one of the things you should make findings of before applying for the course. To make a right decision keep reading our post and find out about the most marketable courses in Nigeria.

What are the most marketable course in Nigeria

One of the most essential things every student should consider before deciding to study a particular course in any Nigerian university is how marketable the course is. When we say marketable, we mean the chances of getting a job quickly after completing the course. And not just getting a job but getting a job that pays well. Or career opportunities available to be able to make something good out of the degree.

Of course, studying any of these courses does not guarantee that you will make in itself. They only offer more opportunities than others. And you will achieve success only with hard work and also by adding more value to yourself (for example, with professional certifications). In this article, we have compiled a list of top ten most marketable courses in Nigeria and a short explanation of why they made a list.

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The top 10 most marketable course in Nigeria

Top 10 most marketable course in Nigeria

These are the top 10 most marketable courses in Nigeria. Besides the first one mention on this list, the other courses listed here are not listed in any particular order.

1. Medicine

Medicine for a long time has been the most marketable course to study in Nigeria. This is because of the general belief that immediately you complete your university training as a medical doctor; you will surely get a job quickly. And that fresh doctors are the best paid among university graduates while the profession of doctor, in general, is among the best paid in Nigeria. That is why most parents even push their children to study medicine or put it in their subconscious.

2. Estate Management

I am sure this might come as a surprise to you, but Estate Management is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria today. This is because Nigeria is growing every day and more buildings are being constructed, and more housing projects are being carried out to meet the housing demand by the increasing population. Estate managers will be required to oversee the management of these buildings. You can work for the government housing agencies or private housing companies. You can even start your own private housing agency company and represent various house owners.

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Which course is the most marketable course in Nigeria

3. Accounting

Accounting is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria that you can be certain of getting a good job. Accountants are needed in every sector or company in Nigeria because everyone deals with finances. Accountants are always needed in government establishments, companies, hotels, banks, schools, airports, etc. And there are professional courses and certifications like ICAN that even makes your accounting degree more marketable. You should write a professional course and get registered with a professional body to increase your chances in this field.

4. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

As we all know, petroleum is the major driving force of the Nigerian economy as of today. That is why Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria. Every year, the chemical and petroleum companies in the country recruit graduates in this field. Getting this job might not be easy because of the competition, but if you will be hired, you definitely will be paid.

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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

5. Theatre Arts

With the growth rate of the Nigerian entertainment industry, Theatre Arts has become one of the best course to study in Nigeria. The best universities in Nigeria where you can study this course are the University of Lagos, the University of Port Harcourt, and the University of Calabar.

6. Рharmacy

Another very marketable course to study in Nigeria is Рharmacy. Just like Medicine, it is a very competitive course that requires a high UTME score to get admission into any university to study this course. Рharmacists are trained to know how to formulate medicines, how medicines work, how they interact with the body and the side effects of these medicines. As a graduate of рharmacy, you can work in a рharmaceutical company, hospital establishments or for рharmaceutical agencies like NAFDACб and many others. You even can decide to start your own рharmaceutical company if you know you are up to the task.

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7. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

In this age of information technology, computer engineering, and information technology graduates are hot cakes in the labor market. In my own opinion, this course is one of the best courses to study for the future. Almost everyone is using computers and The internet today and almost every business online. The rate of growth of the computer and information technology industry in Nigeria is high. That is why governments and companies are looking to employ experts in this field to provide more services and solutions in this industry. And the demand for computer engineering and information technology graduates will surely increase in the future.

8. Nursing and Laboratory Sciences

Nursing is also one of the best courses to study in Nigeria that is very marketable because as a nursing graduate, you have limitless possibilities just like a medical graduate. You can get a job easily in Nigeria or any other part of the world. Nurses are in high demand in most foreign countries as well. The same can be said of laboratory scientists. But one thing you should know is that as a fresh Nursing graduate, you might not earn so much. So it is advisable to build your career by doing professional courses in other sub-specialties of nursing to boost your career options and earnings.

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Nursing and Laboratory Sciences

9. Marketing

A degree in marketing is one of the most demanded university degrees in Nigeria today. The services of marketers are needed in almost every business organization to help them compete and thrive in the midst of competition in their market. Marketing is something that requires professional expertise, and not just anybody can become a marketer.

10. Mass Communication

If you are an Arts student in secondary school, one of the art courses that are very marketable that you should consider is Mass Communication. Not many Nigerian universities offer this course because most of them lack the facilities to offer this course. As Mass Communication graduate you can work in a radio or TV station. You can also work with a newspaper company or even work for the government as well. Also, you can decide to become a freelance journalist and go into self-employment.

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Top 10 most marketable course in Nigeria

These are the courses that made our list of top ten most marketable courses in Nigeria. But you need to understand that a diploma of any of these course doesn't guarantee you the bright future, you must have good knowledge in your field, be ready for competence and hard work.

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