Beautiful South African woman lives a positive life despite having HIV

Beautiful South African woman lives a positive life despite having HIV

For many people HIV seems like a death sentence, but one young lady inspired Twitter users with her positive views on life, despite living with the disease.

HIV activist Sadie Brown is honest about living with the virus, and her posts definitely inspire others. Over the weekend Brown shared a post about HIV, which struck a chord with some of her followers.

"I turned 23 this year, and I'm still looking forward to the day 'positive' goes back to it's original meaning. HIV is life changing but it should never be life limiting,” she captioned a photo of herself on her birthday.

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The post inspired other South Africans, who praised her for her honesty and courage.

Mechele Mechele wrote, “You are such an inspiration @saidy_brown and thanks God for allowing people like you in our lifes even though I’m twice ur age.. It feels like I have a true friend even though I never met u in life but ur stories inspires me for obvious reasons.. Keep that candle burning Sesi.”

Brown was born with the virus, but she only found out about her HIV status when she was 14-years-old.

Brown said they were doing tests at her school and that’s how she found out, but when she told her aunt she learned her mom and dad passed away from AIDS-related diseases.

Take a look at Brown's story below:

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