Snail farming equipment and requirements

Snail farming equipment and requirements

Snail farming in Nigeria as a business is not as typical as others. However, demand for snail meat and caviar is constantly increasing. The idea of organizing a farm for snail farming attracts regular investments, as well as income.

Snail farming equipment and requirements

Snail farming for beginners

This business can begin with the cultivation of snails in an apartment (small house) or on a private plot. In the future, one's own business can be expanded to the organization of a full-fledged farm. A special feature of the business idea for breeding snails is that the first profit will not be received soon. Since, on average the maturing of the cochlea will take about one and a half years, and in rare cases up to three years. Therefore, entrepreneurs are initially advised to purchase mature snails, so you can slightly shorten the waiting time for the first profit.

How to start snail farming in the open

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Snail farming

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Farm on land means the creation of special enclosures. For the cultivation of snails in the garden, a shady place is required. It should be enclosed by a fence on the foundation, about 20 centimeters deep. This is necessary to protect the snails from rodents and other pests living in the ground and posing a threat to them.

The height of the wall is about half a meter, and its shape is concave, so that the animals, rising up, fall into the enclosure. Fenced territory from above is covered with a metal grid with small cells. This measure will protect snails from birds, reptiles or other animals. Shallow trenches are formed in the pen, to collect water in them, and hills, here snails can escape from moisture. Inside the enclosure plants are grown to feed the snails.

Caring for snails in greenhouses allows you to control the temperature of the air and its humidity. In greenhouse conditions, snails grow much faster than in the open air. However, this method is not suitable for a small farm, because it requires significant physical costs and initial financial injections.

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In order to grow about a ton of snails during the vegetative period you will require:

  • with thirty or forty snails, one square meter of vegetation is required, the height of which should be at least 10 centimeters;
  • artificial feeding allows you to place up to 200 snails on one square meter.
  • 20 snails require one kilogram of mixed fodder or grass, and they are also fed with, milk powder, etc.
huge snails

Equipments used in snail farming in the apartment

It will take a room of 20 square meters. It should be equipped with racks, which are installed with special reservoirs for snails. They are called molluscaria or terrariums. You will need to simulate conditions of their natural habitat. In such an environment, they grow faster and the cycle of reproduction is carried out all year round.

Snail farming equipment in the room

There should be:

  • one molluscaria, with a capacity of 50 liters,
  • one tank (50 liters).
  • good ventilation of the room.
  • humidity of air - from 80 to 90 percent.
  • the place should always be clean.
  • area from 20 square meters;
  • communications: electricity, heating;
  • absence of direct sunlight.

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Consider a list of equipment used for snail farming in a room:

  1. Cages for young animals (10 pieces)
  2. Aviary for adult snails (80 pieces)
  3. Containers for young animals (10 pieces)
  4. Containers for laying eggs (10 pieces)
  5. Shelvings
  6. Boxes for snails for sale (100 pieces)
  7. Air humidifiers
  8. Thermocouples (100 pieces)
  9. Other equipment and inventory
Snail farming equipment in the room

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When organizing an outside farm on a land plot, these are the following requirements:

  1. preferably a warm climate - this will reduce the time of hibernation of the snails;
  2. the area depends on the number of individuals that should be grown on the farm;
  3. it is desirable that there are no potential threats - moles, lizards, hedgehogs, shrews, etc .;
  4. presence of an ancillary room.

Step-by-step instruction for developing snail farming

In order for the business project to bring a high profit and pay off, you need to carefully think over every item of the business plan for breeding snails.

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There are also steps of in planning this business you should know:

  • Business registration.
  • Search for snail suppliers.
  • Selection of a place for organizing a farm (indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse).
  • Re-planning and / or repair of a building or construction of a farm on a land plot.
  • Farm equipment.
  • Obtaining permission from the veterinary service.
  • Breeding snails.
  • Search for sales channels.
  • Advertising.

Species suitable for snail rearing for business purposes

1. Achatina Fulica

The East African land snail is called giant African land snail. It is 7 to 9 whorls when fully grown. The average weight of this snail is about 32 grams.

2. Achatina Achatina

Achatina Achatina is mostly known as the giant Ghana snail. It is about 200 mm long and its maximum diameter is 100 mm. They may possess between 7-8 whorls.

3. Archachatina Marginata

Archachatina marginata is often called the giant West African snail. It is a species of popular air-breathing tropical land snail. They may become up to 20cm long, and they live up to 10 years.

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How to rear snail on an artificial farm

Snail rearing as a business can be organized in two ways:

On the ground, through the organization of an enclosure or a greenhouse or in the room, by installing molluscaria.

Snail farming requirements

If you buy all the equipment and do all the steps, your business will be successful. Make your dreams come true and they will make you money! Good luck!

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