Polygamous family advantages and disadvantages in modern world

Polygamous family advantages and disadvantages in modern world

Polygamous family in the modern world is one of the most exciting topics, for both men and women. Disputes in courts and parliaments, news about scandalous marriages fill the pages of the media. Do modern men and women consider polygamy a normal desire of human nature or something still forbidden?

Polygamous family advantages and disadvantages

However, these discussions are mainly in the countries where polygamy is illegal and or where Christianity is popular. And how does polygamy work where it is included in a balanced socio-economic system? What benefit does it bring to men, women and society as a whole? How valid is the criticism of polygamy from the standpoint of protecting women's rights? Let’s find out!

Polygamous family definition

The term ‘polygamy’ comes from the Greek words πολύς – ‘numerous’ and γάμος – ‘marriage’, which in translation means ‘many marriages’. So polygamy means that marriage is concluded with two or even more people. Polygamy is the opposite idea of monogamy, when there is one partner in a marriage.

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Polygamy is an ancient custom. It was practiced by people in all parts of the world. Polygamy is also practiced in modern America, Africa and Melanesia. Buddhism and Islam are religions that do not consider polygamous marriages a sin. But there is only one condition: the husband is totally responsible for all his wives.

However, Christianity does not endorse polygamous marriages, although a lot of Christian saints had numerous wives and also concubines. As for the ancient patriarchs, for example, King Solomon had 700 wives and also 300 concubines.

Polygamous family

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Polyamorous relationship types

There is also such word as ‘Polyamory’. It means the ability to love more than 1 person at a time. It’s often found in polygamous families.

The term ‘polygamy’ always confuses people and they understand the meaning of the term as bigamy, when a person has two different, but at the same time separate marriages. However, polygamy means when several wives live in the same house with their husband.

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Polygamy exists mainly in these three forms: group marriage, polygamy, polyandry.

  • Group marriage is a family where there are several husbands and wives.
  • Polygamy is when a man has several wives at the same time.
  • Polyandry is when a lady has more than one husband at the same time.

But are there any pros of such family? Let’s find out!

Polyamorous marriage: pros and cons

Pros of polygamous marriage

family advantages and disadvantages

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Polygamy from a biological and psychological point of view is attractive to men and has a number of advantages unlike monogamy and there are very few shortcomings. So what are they? The advantages of polygamy:

  • Care, warmth and affection provided by wives or mistresses.
  • The complexity of choice disappears, when you need to prefer only one companion for life.
  • The diversity of the gene pool.
  • When parting with one, there are still others.

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Disadvantages of polygamy:

  • if it is not officially legalized relationship, you have to lie and perhaps keep your relationship with another partner a secret.
  • fear of being exposed,
  • increased financial responsibility,
  • disputes about inheritance,
  • in case of bankruptcy, the family remains uninsured,
  • less time and attention is given to children.

Polygamy in the Bible

Polygamous relations are suppressed by the Christian faith and are considered unacceptable. The Bible is replete with examples of polygamy. Holy Fathers explain polygamy a result of the fall of man, because God made a monogamous union between Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Old Testament is full of polygamous relations and only in the New Testament, according to the teachings of apostle Paul, marriage is a sacred mystery of two people: ‘Let the husband cleave to his wife, and the wife to the husband.’

Polygamy in the modern world

Polygamous men are are increasing by the day in our world, but women do not lag behind in this too. Modern women are increasingly trying different relationship options to find what's best for them, with the belief that love is all that matters.

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Polygamy is a personal choice and you can treat it differently: with skepticism, irony and indignation, or you can accept the fact that if it exists in nature and there are reasons.

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