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Obafemi Martins net worth 2018

Obafemi Martins net worth 2018

A lot of Nigerian footballers are quite wealthy individuals. Today, we are going to tell you about Obafemi Martins net worth, as he is one of the richest football players in Nigeria.

Obafemi Martins net worth 2018


Who is Obafemi Martins?

If you are not a big fan of football, chances are, you do not know who Obafemi Martins is, so let us tell you a little bit about him before we talk about his net worth and wealth. Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins is a Lagos-born Nigerian football player who has been involved in professional football for almost two decades.

During this time, he has played for numerous top-division clubs all across Europe. These days, Martins is playing as a forward for a Chinese club by the name of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. That said, he has recently been incapacitated due to muscle fibre, so it is unclear when he will return to the field.

Over the years, the footballer has played for different top dog teams, so it is not surprising that he has managed to become one of the richest football players in Nigeria. Let’s talk about his wealth and net worth in more detail.

Obafemi Martins net worth

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Now, as usual, it is hard to calculate a football player’s net worth, taking into account their constant transfers and traumas. Thus, it seems like nobody has been able to come up with a definite number when it comes to the net worth of Obafemi Martins.

The most recent data is back from 2015-2016, when several sources (including InformationNG and Infowaka) reported that Martins’ net worth was at $35 million. Whether it is still true is unclear. If it is, that means that he is the second wealthiest footballer in Nigeria (after John Mikel Obi).

These days, it is said that Obafemi earns €8.4 million every year during his time with Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. Even though his market value is not what it used to be (€2 million as opposed to €16 million in 2007, according to TransferMarkt), he is still raking in quite a lot of money.

Martins has put a big portion of his wealth to good use. According to the aforementioned InformationNG, he owns two houses in Lagos that are worth ₦500 million, a big mansion in Como, Italy that costs ₦800 million, as well as hotels in Italy.

The footballer is also very fond of expensive cars. His fleet contains a ₦20-million-worth Porsche Gemballa, a ₦50-million Lamborghini, a ₦18-million BMW X6 and a sports Ferrari. In addition to that, he has a very large collection of shoes that makes some shoe stores look awfully small.

Nevertheless, he does not spend all that money on himself. In 2016, he opened the Obafemi Martins Foundation, which helps to empower Nigerians that are suffering from physical disabilities by offering them the best medical equipment available.

As you can see, athletic prowess, talent and hard work can really get you far. Obafemi Martins has managed to get from playing the streets of his hometown to playing for some of the biggest football teams across the world and earning a lot of money in the process. Hopefully, he will feel better soon and return to the field.

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