How to do MTN WhatsApp subscription

How to do MTN WhatsApp subscription

Those of us who cannot imagine a day without WhatsApp can choose a special MTN WhatsApp data plan. It is a perfect option for Nigerians who like to make voice calls and send tests through the popular free messenger installed directly on their phones. Learn how to do MTN WhatsApp subscription in 2018.

How to do MTN WhatsApp subscription

We would like to share quick instructions on how to get your WhatsApp subscription for MTN. This is easy to do and provides you with nice benefits.

MTN WhatsApp subscription

Let us understand why WhatsApp is so popular in Nigeria and across the world. Different mobile networks offer special data plans for users who love communication through WhatsApp Messenger.

This free tool belongs to Facebook and gives opportunities for all interested mobile users to chat, place voice and video calls, share photographs, files and send text messages on the go. It can ‘eat’ much data if you use it on a regular data plan that is why MTN WhatsApp subscription can be useful to you.

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It is really easy to subscribe to one of the social packages offered by MTN in Nigeria. You only need to know and use the specific MTN WhatsApp subscription code. It will easily recharge your SIM card with the package you have chosen.

MTN WhatsApp subscription

MTN WhatsApp data plan

MTN WhatsApp subscription plans have been created specifically for users who enjoy chatting and calling through this free application. By using one of the subscription codes, you can receive more mobile data for chats and calls and pay less than if you were to choose a regular data plan and use it with WhatsApp software.

The package called WhatsApp GoodyBag is exactly what you are looking for. It is an MTN data bundle with non-stop chatting and sharing via the popular modern mobile software owned by Facebook.

The price of GoodyBag:

  • 60 Naira per month
  • 25 Naira per week

As you can see, there are two options. MTN WhatsApp subscription plan is available for 1 week or 1 month. It is cheaper to subscribe for 30 days than for 7 days, but you can decide yourself what is better for you.

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WhatsApp subscription

How to subscribe to GoodyBag for a month

Follow these simple steps, and you will get a full month of enjoying all advantages of WhatsApp tool on MTN line:

  1. Make sure your phone has MTN SIM card, and you have at least 60 Naira on your MTN account.
  2. Write the word ‘WAM’ (without quotation marks) in a text message and send it to the quick number 131.
  3. That is it. Your monthly WhatsApp subscription for MTN is activated and can be enjoyed by you for the next 30 days.

It is also possible to unsubscribe from this plan quickly. Just send the text message ‘NO WAM’ (with no quotation marks) to number 131, and you are good to go.

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How to do MTN WhatsApp subscription GoodyBag for 7 days

How to subscribe to GoodyBag for a week

Here is a step by step instruction on how to activate MTN WhatsApp subscription for one week:

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  1. You need a handset with MTN SIM inserted. Make sure your account is recharged with at least 25 Naira.
  2. Send the word ‘WAW’ (no quotation marks) to the number 131.
  3. Start using your messenger for 7 days.

If you need to stop your MTN WhatsApp data plan, you can send a text message ‘NO WAW’ to 131, and you will automatically unsubscribe.

P.S. MTN also offers special GoodyBag Social bundles that let you use WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social apps for a fixed price per a certain period of time. Such bundles cost from 25 Naira per day.

This is how to do MTN WhatsApp subscription in 2018. Enjoy non-stop usage of the messenger for a week or month at an affordable price.

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