Cost of vehicle license renewal in Lagos

Cost of vehicle license renewal in Lagos

The process of renewal of vehicle license can force you to spend a large amount of time collecting all the necessary documents, visiting different offices and it can drag on and on. Therefore we present to you all the information about renewing your vehicle license and how much it will cost.

Cost of vehicle license renewal in Lagos

Now it is not stressful to get or renew a drive license in Lagos than before. There are no long queues like before when you visit the VIO office (Vehicle Inspection Office) or might even have to go and come back several times.

The population increases every year and number of vehicles also increases, therefore you might think that it almost seems as though nothing has changed. But it is not true, The Federal Road Safety Corps has developed a much easier and faster procedure for Nigerians to get or renew their driving or vehicle license. Follow the steps to know how to renew your driver permit in Lagos.

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Renewing driver’s licence guide

  • Go to the Federal Road Safety Commission website and log on.
  • Find the “Driver’s License” section and choose “Driver’s License Renewal” option.
  • On this page you need to fill the date of your birth and number of you driver permit.
  • It will be opened your your driver’s license page, check personal information. If something wrong you can update your data.
Cost of vehicle licence renewal in Lagos

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  • You need to choose Federal Road Safety Commission and submit your photograph and biometrics.
  • Print a copy of Renewal application and check data.
  • After that find on this webpage “Pay Now” option and click on it.
  • Check the amount you need to pay and click on “Proceed To Pay” .

You can pay at the bank or make the payment online, using Visa or Mastercard.

  • After you choose the payment method, visit Federal Road Safety Commission in Lagos and follow their instructions.

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The cost of vehicle licence renewal in Lagos

On the Federal Road Safety Commission website, you can find that the current cost of getting a driver’s licence is 6,350 NGN. You need to pay this amount for renewing your driver`s license.

Cost of vehicle licence renewal in Lagos

How to make payment online

If you choose to pay online, you need to log in to your e-Wallet account. Find the "Bill" option and select "Active Bills". You will find a payment page with the amount you need to pay and your application information. Than enter the required details of your Visa or Mastercard and make the payment.

How to make payment at the bank

Print the payment slip and take it to the bank. On Federal Road Safety Commission website you can find the full list of affiliated banks. After the payment has been made, you need to take the slip, like a proof, that you have paid it. That's all!

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