How to make a girl love you again after break up

How to make a girl love you again after break up

Sometimes something goes wrong with relationships. People can make mistakes, and it is not easy to fix the situation. This time we are going to tell you how to make your girlfriend love you again. Read on to know the secrets and tricks.

How to make a girl love you again after break up?

Before thinking about how to make a girl to love you again, you need to increase your self-esteem and think - why you need to return her? Do you really need her? Do you still love her or you just get used to regular intimacy and delicious dinner?

After all, in order to start a relationship with a new girl, you need to strain yourself and make efforts. That's why most of the guys like this treacherous thought: "how to return your ex girlfriend!?"

To understand your motivation, you need to find out for yourself following points.

What was the reason for relationships break up?

First, you need to sit down, calm down and without any extra emotions, think everything over. You are an adult man and you understand that everything in this world happens because of some reason. So think, what was wrong?

What were your mistakes? Perhaps you did not give her the proper attention. Perhaps you stopped to surprise her. Perhaps it all turned into a routine.

There can be a lot of reasons, sometime you know exactly the answer. Even if she argued the break up with trivial phrases like "I’m too good for you," "We do not fit each other," and so on.

Let’s consider most common reasons for break up:

1. You were unpromising

She did not see her future with you. Maybe, because you did not see your future. It's clear that no girl would like it. She didn't see any prospects in you.

How to make a girl love you again after break up?

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2. You were too passive

You were passive, boring, too predictable, simple, uninteresting. In short, a beta male. What should she do next to you?

3. Your behavior and attitude towards her

It is mistakable to think that if she loves you, there is no need to do anything special for her. This is the wrongest opinion in the world, which has already destroyed many relationships.

You must achieve her, appreciate her, arrange surprises, present gifts. A woman is a beautiful but complex creature, so revise your behavior.

4. Routine

There was nothing interesting between you. You just existed side by side. It is not surprising that she left the boring and monotonous relationship.

How to make a girl love you again after break up?

Maybe you have in your head some kind of plan and scheme, how to behave with the girl. But think, where did you get it? The bottom line is that no one has ever taught you how to communicate with a girl properly.

The brains of most guys are clogged with some romantic stories, and these stories have nothing to do with reality. It is necessary to understand, that the break up happened not because you did something wrong, but because something was wrong with you. You need to change yourself!

There is something that you shouldn't do after break up relationships

First, there is no need to drive yourself into depression. Do not complain about life and circumstances. Accept her decision, like a self-sufficient and self-confident man.

Whatever happens, you should never look miserable in this situation. Do not beg her to come back, and most important point - do not show off your pain. Because of such behavior, you would look in her eyes like a driveller. Remember that life does not end after a break-up.

How to make a girl to love you again?

  • Disappear for a while

This is a radical, but a very effective way. Go to the bottom.

How to make a girl love you again after break up?

You need to forget her: take away her photo, remove all contacts and her pictures from your mobile phone, isolate yourself from her in social networks. At the first time, nothing should remind about her. Give yourself a time for changes.

  • Take care of yourself

Start to go to the gym, change your appearance, and the attitude to yourself. You should become the one who she will fall in love with again.

Become promising! Diversify your life with a sport, travels, or exciting hobby. Make your life interesting, and then it will be fascinating to be with you.

Communicate with other girls, get more experience. Girls like the spirit of competition and rivalry, although they never admit it.

  • Develop your masculinity

Important factors are your powerful inner state, your self-confidence, responsibility. Your appearance must correspond to your inner state. Take care of your look, watch your health.

Communicate with strong, successful people who will inspire you. Communicate more with women and get experience! It must be real practice, not the stories you saw in some Hollywood melodrama. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and believe in yourself!

  • Come back and inspire her to love you again
How to make a girl love you again after break up?

The idea is that you are going to conquer her as if you do not know her and see her for the first time. But do it in a new way, because it is new you. Intrigue her, be a mystery. Let her see how much you have changed. This is how she can appreciate your new qualities and fall in love with you again.

Call her and tell that you need to see her, don’t wait for the answer, just appoint the day, time and place of your meeting. Meet her and be a new you, show her a changed person, interesting man who know how to behave with girls.

In most cases, it is not so difficult to make your girlfriend come back. The only question is what are you ready to do for her returning.

We are sure that all these pieces of advice will help you to deal with the question how to make your woman love you again, just try them in practice.

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