Types of political parties in Nigeria and their functions

Types of political parties in Nigeria and their functions

Nigeria is a culturally, politically and religiously diverse country. Today Nigeria has almost 30 officially registered parties and a multi-party system. This data is derived from INEC, an independent collegial body in charge of organization and conduction of elections. And moreover, the new types of political parties in Nigeria are appearing.

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What is a political party?

The political parties occupy a special place in political life, serving as a mediator between citizens and a state. Let’s deal with political party definition in more detail.

The political party is continuously operating organization, existing both at the national and local levels. The goal of this organization is a getting and exercise of power and striving to achieve a wide massive support.

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The political parties unit the most active representatives of social groups with similar political and ideological groups striving to state power.

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How many political parties are in Nigeria?

There are two main political parties in Nigeria: Peoples Democratic Parties and All Progressive Congress. However, today, there are 28 political parties in the country apart from these parties:

  1. The Social Democratic Party
  2. Independent Democrats
  3. African Peoples Alliance
  4. Democratic People Party
  5. Labour Part
  6. Mega Progressive People Party
  7. Unity Party of Nigeria
  8. Democratic Peoples Progress
  9. Kowa Party
  10. New Nigeria People Party
  11. Hope Democratic Party
  12. United Progressive Party
  13. African Democratic Congress
  14. New Nigeria Peoples Party
  15. National Conscience Party
  16. Citizens Popular Party
  17. Independent Democrats
  18. Action Alliance
  19. Accord
  20. Advanced Congress of Democrats
  21. United Democratic Party
  22. Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria
  23. All Progressive Grand Alliance
  24. Fresh Democratic Party
  25. People Party of Nigeria
  26. People for Democratic Change
  27. Advanced People Democratic Alliance
  28. Peoples Democratic Movement
Types of political parties in nigeria

Who formed the first political party in Nigeria

Herbert Macaulay who was well known in Nigeria politics in the 20th century formed the first party in 1923. It was called The Nigerian National Democratic Party. This organization helped to develop Nigerian’s economy, education and social life. The political party was a leader until 1938. Then it faced competition from Youth Nigerian Movement.

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Functions of political parties

Theoretical function

  • analysis of the state and theoretical assessment of society’s prospect for development;
  • identification of the interests of different social groups;
  • development of strategy and ways of struggle for renewing society.

Ideological function

  • dissemination of party’s worldview and moral values;
  • involvement of citizens to join the party;
  • promotion of party’s goals and policies.

Political function

  • power struggle;
  • participation in domestic and foreign policy;
  • implementation of electoral programs;

Organizational function

  • conducting of election campaigns;
  • selection of candidates for elected office, personnel for the government, central and local leadership.

Today, the ruling party of Nigeria is Peoples Democratic Party. There is also information of forming new Mega Party. It will consist of former members of two above-mentioned main Nigeria’s parties. The new organization of Dokpesi who is the PDP former member, is called APDA.

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