Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head UEFA champions league: who will win?

Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head UEFA champions league: who will win?

On February 20, 2018, a fight is planned between two clubs: Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head 300. Exactly this match is awaited by the fans with special impatience because these are two coolest teams currently in football which have a huge number of trophies. Even the opposition between PSG and Real can't be compared by impressions because the French are among the grands only the second year.

Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head UEFA champions league

Waiting for the Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head match each devoted football fan wants to predict the results of this competition. Some people make bets in the bookmaker offices, so this issue will affect not only their mood but also the financial situation. Let's analyze the general state of both teams in order to understand what to expect from a large-scale event that will be held on February 20.

Chelsea FC

Londoners shocked their fans in the last round when could not beat Lester at home. Even if Chelsea played in the majority during 20 minutes, they were just able to equalize the score according to final statistics. Guests totally beat the titled opponent with an advantage in possession of the ball (53%) and in the shots towards the gates (11 against 4).

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It was surprising to observe such helplessness of Londoners in a meeting with the team which previously couldn’t kick at the gates of third division representatives in the cup fight (that duel ended with a similar result 0-0). It seems that the English grand was blown away and is about to burst. It still manages to stay in the number of prize-winners due to the fact that other competitors also experience a decline. But such a game can lead the team out from the future Champions League.

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Chelsea FC

In the group stage, Chelsea performed well, roughly on par with Roma and Atletico. If there weren't a couple of hard-to-explain failures of a Spanish competitor (two draws), then there could be a triple division of points. So the exit to 1/8 is a great luck for Londoners. Nevertheless, it is unclear how Chelsea intends to compete with Barca.

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Barcelona FC

Being in a super strong subgroup with Juventus, Sporting, and Olympiakos, the Spaniards showed total superiority without a single failure. Two draws with four victories allowed the team to settle confidently on the leading line. The meeting with the Italian grand which ended in a peaceful outcome was especially revealing. Juventus, confidently leading in the Apennines, thought only of how to crawl with the Catalans to a draw (however, Juve did the same in last year's fight during another Champions League). Perhaps now it is Barca who should be called the strongest club in the world. However, often in the decisive moment trophies are taken from them and intercepted by other teams.

Barcelona FC

In Spain, Barcelona has not yet experienced the bitterness of failure, although 18 games have already been held. The team has 15 victories with three draws. Separation from the nearest competitor is not too impressive yet (only 6 points), but we must admit that by the level of performance it is much more than possible to judge at first glance looking at tournament table. It's enough to say that the balls difference of Catalans is literally overwhelming, 48-7. If to compare with the second runner Atletico (28-8), it is almost double superiority. Barca literally smashes its opponents in every fight, and Atletico gets victories with great difficulty mainly due to problems in defense.

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Chelsea vs Barcelona previous meetings

In many aspects the forecast is based on information about the earlier behavior of the teams during the joint competitions:

  • Contenders had 12 matches four of which won Chelsea, three - Barcelona, the other five ended in a draw.
  • The last fight was won by the Londoners who took the upper hand in the semifinals of the 2011/12 season. As now, the first match was in London and the only goal was scored by Didier Drogba.
  • During the meeting on April 18, 2012, it seemed that Barca easily corrected the situation already in the first half. On the 35th minute, Sergio Busquets equalized the score, on the 37th from Chelsea was removed John Terry, and on the 43d Iniesta brought the Catalans forward. However, during the additional time, blue midfielder Ramirez scored a valuable goal.
  • At the beginning of the second half, the hosts earned a penalty but Lionel Messi hit the crossbar. Then Barca hung near the gate of the British but only in order to miss the goal from Fernando Torres during the compensated time. Chelsea went to the final where defeated Bavaria. The current Chelsea players Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodriguez played for Barcelona during those meetings.

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Chelsea vs Barcelona head to head UEFA champions league: who will win?
  • Another dramatic duel with the participation of Chelsea and Barca took place on May 6, 2009, when after a goalless draw in the first semifinal match the teams met at Stamford Bridge. In the ninth minute, Michael Essien brought the Chelsea forward after which Barcelona lost Eric Abidal. However, during the added time the Catalans still scored the necessary goal due to the efforts of Andres Iniesta and passed on.
  • Teams also met in the group stage in the 2006/07 season. Chelsea won at Stamford Bridge (1:0), and in Catalonia, the teams had peace (2:2).
  • Barcelona won three of the five duels with Chelsea in the Champions League but at the stage of 1/8 finals, they had equality - 1:1. The Catalans won in the first round of the 2005/6 Champions League playoffs (2-1 away, 1-1 at home). Chelsea took revenge a year later when, after Camp Nou losing (1:2), they won in London (4:2).
  • In the quarter-finals of the Champions League-1999/00, Chelsea beat Barca at home with a score 3:1 but lost in the responding match during extra time - 1:5.

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Barcelona team

Forecasts of specialists

It seems that now no one is able to compete with Barca in Spanish championship, just as no one can compete with Manchester in England. According to analysts, these two clubs plus PSG are likely to fight for the winner's title and all the rest will be left behind.

It's expected that Barca will make with Chelsea almost the same as Manchester did in its championship, that is, will prove the obvious superiority.

However, the world is full of surprises. It is possible that the match Chelsea vs Barcelona 2018 will end in the way which we couldn't even imagine. It only remains to wait for February 20 to see everything with your own eyes.

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