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Top mining companies in Nigeria

Top mining companies in Nigeria

There are so many natural resources in Nigeria that the country has all the chances to grow into a prosperous place comfortable to live in and to build a healthy and wealthy nation. Nigeria is rich in different minerals and metals. Nigeria was once a major exporter of coal, tin and columbite.

Top mining companies in Nigeria

Natural resources in Nigeria

Nigeria is rich in different minerals and metals. Nigeria was once a major exporter of coal, tin and columbite, after independence from the United Kingdom. This did not last for too long, a decade later, the independent country focused on producing crude oil, which is still one of the main exchange product in Nigeria.

The country wants to restore the mining sector and has a national strategy to develop it and encourage companies to contribute to the economy. The Ministry of Mines and Steel Development hopes that the mining industry would contribute approximately 10 percent to the overall GDP by 2026.

Here is the list of main minerals and metals that are mined in Nigerian

  • Gold mining (the peak of production was in the 1930s, now it needs to recover)
  • Coal mining (used to be developed well, now needs full recovery)
  • Coltan (columbite and tantalite)
  • Pregmatite (coltan’s deposits that can be a source of precious stones)
  • Walframite
  • Bitumen
  • Iron (pure deposits exist and require further development)
  • Uranium
  • Gemstones
Mining industry in Nigeria

Mining industry

The mining sector is mainly divided into three major activities:

  • Upstream (when minerals are explored and mined)
  • Midstream (when minerals are processed)
  • Downstream (when processed minerals are marketed and transported)

There are more than 2000 firms and individual workers who have the license to work in the upstream and downstream sub sectors. What are some of the most famous ones in the Nigerian market today?minerals. Many miners also perform various mining activities.

There are more than 2000 firms and individual workers who have the license to work in the upstream and downstream subsectors. What are some of the most famous ones in the Nigerian market today?

Leading mining companies in Nigeria

Mining companies in Nigeria

1. Eta-Zuma Group

This big group combines eight companies. Eta-Zuma has all the necessary licenses for exploring gold, iron ore, coal, and other solid minerals. It works with tantalite, marble, limestone, and other natural resources Nigeria has.

All the companies existed separately until 2009. That year, Eta-Zuma corporation was formed when Energy and Metal Industries Limited acquired all the individual firms under one brand.

Working with international partners, the Eta-Zuma group distributes different minerals (mainly, coal) and creates new jobs for the citizens of Nigeria, offers goods and services to local and foreign companies.

2. Kinsfield Energy Limited

The company (known since 2010) works in two countries. It has an office in Nigeria and the USA. Kinsfield Energy is involved in producing and exploring oil and gas, gold mining, and power generation.

The firm has a license to explore base metals (including gold mining) in some Nigerian fields near Kogi State. The firm also has a subsidiary in Sierra Leone.

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Best mining companies in Nigeria

3. Agropet Nigeria Ltd

This company is offering consultations and training in the Nigerian mineral industry and promotion of the country’s mineral potential. The firm assures it can be the place to learn and get important contacts with businesses, public, government. Besides, its members are taking part in important international and Nigerian trade shows and conventions related to the industry.

Anyone who is interested in learning, developing and gaining professional knowledge through training can try to work with Agropet. It focuses on distant learning and collaborations with colleges, universities and mining associations to offer a better experience and more understanding of this economic sector.

4. Multiverse Plc

This Nigerian mining company explores and mines tantalite, copper, barite ore, tin, zinc, granite, and lead as well as gold. It focuses on solid minerals.

The gold mining company wants to lead the national market and become a well-known non-ferrous mining firm in the country.

Top mining companies in Nigeria miners at work


This private mining company is working with mineral ores. It mines zinc and lead in Nigeria to export these products to Asia. Besides, the firm is working with iron minerals.

According to the SBOG website, the zinc and lead are two ores that are mined together. They can be found in big quantities in the North of Nigeria and in the central parts of the country. The estimated reserve is more than 80 thousand tons of zinc and 10 million tons of lead all these ores are located on the territory of 8 Nigerian states.

6. Western Goldfields Group Limited

This company is shortly known as WGG Ltd. It has partners in the USA and Ukraine. Overall, it has about 150 people working in the exploration of coal reserves.

The WGG is one of the biggest mining companies in Nigeria. It is incorporated since 2009 and consist of 9 different local firms. It has the license to mine coal.

Coal mining

7. Thor Explorations Ltd

This company is known across Nigeria and West Africa for its gold mining project called Segilola. Thor boasts great resources for grading gold and preserving of nearly 450,000 ounces (4.2 g/t grading).

The firm is mining gold in Osun State and has interests in other areas as well (along with licences to drill and find gold reserves).

8. Red Mining

This Nigerian mining company operates in Bauchi and Adamawa states. It has an official registration and has a license for finding and extracting solid minerals.

Red Mining assures that there is high demand for the products it mines.

Main mining companies in Nigeria

9. KMC

The abbreviation stands for Kohath Mining Company. It is a part of the Investment Group with the same name, created in 2010 in Nigeria to mine solid minerals.

The company boasts its Oro Tantalite project that is a unique one for the further development of mining industry in the country. The project aims at finding the getting tantalum and niobium-containing minerals.

10. Chicason Group

This Group has a presence in Nigeria with its Rimco Mining company created back in 2009. It boasts over 30 concessions that explore and mine barite, zinc, lead, gold and other industrial minerals across the country.

You can see how many companies in Nigeria are involved in gold mining and exploring different minerals across the country. They play a great role in developing economy and mining industry and bringing it to a new level that guarantees more good-paying jobs, high-quality materials, and Nigeria’s economic growth.

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