Benefits of shea butter and coconut oil for skin

Benefits of shea butter and coconut oil for skin

Different plants contain the natural oils that can make your skin healthier, shiny and more beautiful. Who hasn’t heard about the tropical oil from coconuts and miraculous shea butter? These two components really offer many great benefits and can be helpful when it comes to your health.

Benefits of shea butter and coconut oil for skin

What is the effect of coconut oil and shea butter on skin? We would like to tell you more about the advantages of these two plants. We believe you would also like to combine the two natural creams and use them to make your skin look and feel even better.

Benefits of shea butter

Being rich in different vitamins, the shea butter is obtained from real nuts that grow on the shea tree. This is 100 percent natural product that helps to deal with different skin issues, uneven tone, and various conditions.

Shea butter for skin lightening

The skin darkness depends on the amount of melanin the body produces. Sometimes different life situations lead to uneven color. It could be sun rays, extra skin dryness, fatty food, imbalance in hormones etc.

Shea butter works as a regular whitener. It helps to even the skin color and making it look lighter, smoother, and healthier. The vitamin E that is contained in the butter can low down the hyperpigmentation.

However, make sure not to apply the butter before you go out into the sunlight. The UV lights give an opposite effect when you will see the skin turning darker. To lighten it, you need to add the butter to your skin only before going to bed (after you make sure your face is carefully washed and clean).

Benefits of shea butter for skin


The shea butter has vitamin A, which feeds the skin and works as anti-ager. Healthier skin stays younger for a longer time. It becomes stronger, more elastic, and nice looking.

Acne fighter

The omega 3, 6, useful acids and vitamins moisturize skin, help to treat acne problems by balancing the amount of sebum on a human body.

Anti-stretch-mark effect

women who have just delivered a child and need to make stretch marks on skin less visible can try applying the shea butter and achieve an amazing effect. Some people use it to make scars less visible.

No itching

Those people whose skin is always dry and those who experience itching issues can apply shea butter to calm their skin and stop itching.

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Benefits of coconut oil for skin

Effect of coconut oil on the skin

The oil obtained from the coconuts can be a great skin protector. This oil moisturizes the skin offering a continuing hydration effect. Actually, coconut oil is used in different creams, lotions, and homemade cosmetics.

Just like shea butter, coconut oil can help lighten your skin. However, the benefits of coconut oil on skin do not end here.

Lighter skin

Coconut oil is great for improving the color of uneven skin. The tone becomes brighter thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect.

Improved immune system

The health of skin also depends on the immune system because this is what can fight with bacteria and help us stay healthy and well-being. Coconut oil contains a number of acids that boasts antibacterial property and can make your immune system stronger.

Healthy skin

The antioxidants and vitamin E help cells shed off much quicker and renew. This is why the skin becomes healthier and smoother. The oil gets under the skin layer and helps to fight with different conditions such as eczema, dryness etc. Being regularly moisturized, the skin looks pretties and feels softer to the touch.

Skincare with coconut oil

Perfect moisturizer

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and works as a moisturizer. Make your skin softer by applying the product on it after washing it. It is even better to massage the oil into the skin right after washing your face. Your pores will be cleaner and the skin will look smoother.

Face cleanser

Use the coconut oil as your night cream. You will see how quickly your skin will become cleaner. It will feel like silk. The pores won’t be clogged. This means you won’t experience issues with acne and other skin conditions.

It is great to pair shea butter with coconut oil for impressive moisturizing effect on your skin. Since both natural products can help with making the skin tone more even and lighter, their combination will make this effect more powerful, yet still safe for your skin. Combine shea butter with coconut oil to create a perfect natural skincare product that will make your skin shine with health and beauty.

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