Best POP designs for living rooms in Nigeria

Best POP designs for living rooms in Nigeria

Do you want to decorate your living room in the best style and have a happy comfortable life in your cozy home? Then maybe you should try out some newest POP ideas and give your house a creative vibe. Perhaps you want to go for the unusual futuristic design or settle with the minimalistic style. Do you want to see some of the coolest design ideas? Read more and find out about the new POP designs for living room in Nigeria.

Best of the best POP designs for living room in Nigeria

POP designs for living room

If you have never heard of the POP term, it stands for plaster of Paris, or sometimes called simply gypsum. This material is being widely used all over Europe for decades for various types of works. For example, during the time of Renaissance, artists and architects thought that plaster of Paris is the best material for decorating ceilings and walls in the palaces and cathedrals, and they were right – most of the buildings made with this material are still standing and blossoming. Plaster of Paris is called so because the abundant gypsum used for its preparation is being found not far from Paris. Some of its benefits include hardening when it is moistened, and not cracking or shrinking when it is dry.

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POP designs

Nowadays, POP still remains relevant, and it adds a lot of sophistication to every house. It also symbolizes delicacy, and with this material, your home will be intact for many years. Many Nigerians use POP for setting up their homes, and the interior designers come up with the wonderful ideas of POP designs. In this piece, we will be talking about the living room combinations. There are so many creative ones that your eyes will be unable to concentrate!

Best POP designs for living room

So, here you can see some different living room designs made with POP. You will be amazed by these various living room colours! We can only hope that you will pick the right design for your home, and make it beautiful and comfortable.

Rich living room

1. Futuristic design

In the early 20th century, the futuristic movement has become really popular among all the creative people – writers, artists, movie creators. Of course, it did not bypass the architects, who were especially inspired by futuristic ideas in the determined attempts to create unique and nice house designs.

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Best POP designs for living room in Nigeria - Futuristic design

Usually, the futuristic interiors have strict geometric shapes or free lines that symbolize the freedom of modern outlook on the interior styling. Sometimes neon lights can be used, to make it seem like you really traveled to the far future, not even exiting the house. Cool, isn’t it? If you are a fan of futuristic designs and are keen on space themes and science fiction, this living room style will be definitely appealing to you.

Futuristic style

2. Floral design

If you are a romantic person and love flowery themes, you surely would not want to miss this option. The trick with floral designs is that they always make you feel like you are in open space, and almost create an impression that you are outside, in a secluded field, enjoying the music of nature and smell of flowers. This usually helps people concentrate on their work and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

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Best POP designs for living room in Nigeria - Floral designs

POP designs with natural themes are really popular among Nigerians because they can be fitting in basically every room, especially with gentle pastel-toned coloring and floral-patterned furniture.

Floral design

3. Creative wall and ceiling design

These designs are the hardest to replicate, but they are really worth it in the end and look really creative and fabulous. The main idea of it is to create a continuous design, which will start on the floor and then proceed to spread on the walls and ceiling. By the way, the ornament does not have to be refined. Even if you decide to choose simplistic lines, your living room can get a whole new touch.

Incorporated wall, ceiling, and floor designs will amaze all of your guests. They are modern, creative, and look gorgeous. Besides, they add a special atmosphere, making your room lively and stylish.

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Wall and ceiling

4. Minimalistic design

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Not everything needs to be pretentious nowadays. Some people prefer minimalism to luxury, and they are definitely not wrong. While the massive thematic designs that can cover the whole room can look epic, the minimalistic approach could make your living room really cozy, and it will look like there are no excessive things.

Best POP designs for living room in Nigeria - Minimalistic design

Minimalism includes simplistic geometric shapes and symbols that are easy to recognize. The walls usually will be one-toned and look simple, but you can decorate them with lovely paintings and other personal touches. Your mind and heart will rest in this room, and you will really feel at home.


5. Light-incorporating design

Of course, every room should have a source of light. In our common understanding, it is usually a regular chandelier. But what if you choose a creative way to incorporate light into your room? Quite often, the modern rooms involve sources of light in extremely different shapes and designs. Some of them even can change the colour of the lighting, which is a really interesting touch if you want to create a unique colour combination for a living room.

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Light-incorporating design

Overall, these lighting designs can really blow your mind sometimes. They will make you think of a good old regular chandelier as something from the past century. Just look at these incredible interiors!

Best POP designs for living room in Nigeria - light

We have introduced you to some of the most common modern living room designs. Hopefully, you liked these options. Maybe some of them will inspire you?

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