Ogbono seed benefits and nutritional value

Ogbono seed benefits and nutritional value

The ogbono plant, or African Bush mango as it is called by many, is very popular amongst Nigerians. The flesh of this fruit is very nutritious and good for the health; for this reason, ogbono fruits are often used for making jams, juices and even African wine. Keep reading to find out the amazing health benefits of ogbono seeds.


Ogbono seeds are also quite suitable for consumption; in fact, they are considered to be nuts, and as we all know, nuts are excellent sources of protein and healthy fats. People usually fry ogbono-nuts, although some may eat them raw. Sometimes they are also used for making butter and oil.

Ogbono fruits are also famous for their ability to supply the body with fiber, antioxidants and many other nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and vitamins B and C. This fruit is definitely a good source of vitamins and valuable substances!

It’s high fiber content improves bowel functions and helps with detoxification. It is also good for diabetes, obesity, reducing cholesterol and increasing activity of antioxidants in the digestive tract.

Researchers have noticed a low levels of diabetes, obesity and other related diseases in some African regions. Further research showed that people in these regions use irvine as a soup thickener on average ten times a week. Ultimately, this led to the development of mango bush extract.

Health benefits of Ogbono

Ogbono seed

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  • Helps with weight loss

In a 2005 study conducted on 40 patients with obesity in Cameroon, a reduction in total cholesterol, LDL or "bad" cholesterol, triglycerides and overall body weight was achieved after 10 weeks of feeding the patients with bush mangoes. A 2008 survey showed similar results with lower doses of bush mangoes.

  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in serum

In addition to weight loss, the 2008 study also showed that after 10 weeks, the LDL levels of the test patients fell by 27%. Another study also showed a decrease in LDL by 45% and a 46% increase in HDL or "good" cholesterol. In addition, studies have shown that bush mangoes can lower total cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • The overall level of plasma glucose

In a study carried out in 1990, 11 people with type II diabetics were receiving four grams of bush mango supplements a day for four weeks. This treatment showed an increase in enzyme activity and a decrease in the level of glucose in plasma.

  • Bacterial and fungal infections treatment

It believed that bush mango extracts can prevent the growth of microorganisms, and ogbono seeds can be used in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections; however, there are no studies to confirm a positive result of such treatments.

There is also a perception that the seeds of ogbono are able to relieve pain and act as analgesic.

Benefits of ogbono in pregnancy

Ogbono seed benefits

Some women may have read about some terrible things ogbono could do to pregnant women and their unborn children; a lot of people believe that eating ogbono during pregnancy is a horrible mistake because it can make your baby less intelligent and slow, as well as cause other health problems.

We can assure you that these are nothing but myths; most foods are actually allowed during pregnancy. Even though there are no confirmations about benefits of ogbono for a pregnant woman, we can assure you that if it has this much good influence on the human body, it is perfectly okay to be eaten during pregnancy.

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