Top 10 best countries to live in the world

Top 10 best countries to live in the world

Every day, people search for the best countries to live in. Some just want a more comfortable place to retire. Others want the thrill that comes with trying new things. Some want to explore new business opportunities or start companies.

Best countries to live in
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Whatever the reason for doing it, there must be some preferences for everyone. It could be better public health care, quality education, better job market, political stability, or income equality.

All these encompass what we call the quality of life, and currently, Canada leads the line. However, Canada takes position 2 in the list of best countries to live in 2020. Wondering why?

In addition to the quality of life, other factors like citizenship, culture influence, and entrepreneurship also determine the ranking.

Although Canada leads in offering a high quality of life, it ranks 2nd in citizenship and 6th in entrepreneurship globally. So, what is the best country in the world to live in? We are going to review life in Canada and 9 other countries below.

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What are the best countries to live in?

Here is a list of the best countries to live in 2020.

10. Norway

Best countries to move to
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Norway is the 10th best country to live in today. Made mainly of mountainous terrain, Norway covers about 323,802 square kilometers of the land. Despite its small size, Norway has a GDP of $434.8 billion. Its capital is Oslo.

For a long time, the country's independence was tied to Sweden. Luckily through the 1905 referendum, Norway cut its ties from Sweden and became a free nation.

Following the discovery of gas and oil in the 1960s, Norway has enjoyed a massive economic boost ever since, and this explains its impressive GDP.

The country is run by a constitutional monarchy, where the prime minister is the head of the government. According to a study by CIA World Factbook, nearly 70% of the population is Evangelical Lutheran.

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  • Quality of life – Overall, Norway is position 4 under the quality of life. It is economically and politically stable and has well-developed healthcare and education systems. The country is also safe and highly recognizes income equality.
  • Entrepreneurship – Norway is a top creator of jobs and businesses in the world. Globally, the nation ranks 13th. It enjoys a well-structured legal framework, a well-developed infrastructure, and an educated population. These reasons are the forces behind the impressive ranking.
  • Citizenship – Norway deeply respects human and property rights. The nation also recognizes the need for gender equality and religious freedom. Norwegians care for the environment, and when it comes to political power, it is well distributed in the country. That strongly supports why they rank 3rd globally on citizenship.
  • Adventure – Considering that Norway's terrain is mainly mountainous, she enjoys amazing natural sceneries that are a vital tourist attraction. The Norwegians are generally friendly, and there are so many fun spots within Oslo and other cities. The country ranks 23 here.
  • Cultural influence – Norwegians enjoy a maritime culture. It has been that way ever since they became an independent state. Norwegians are strongly influenced by modernization, like other countries. They rank 12th.

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9. Netherlands

Occupying about 41,543 square kilometers, the Netherlands is one of the best countries to live in Europe and is an economic powerhouse. The country has a $913.7 billion GDP. The capital is Amsterdam, and its people are known as the Dutch. A large part of the country is covered with water.

Globally, the Dutch are known to be a tolerant society. The country has an elected parliament that runs it. In 2001, the Netherlands became the 1st country in history to legalize homosexuality. Interestingly, the nation maintains a liberal stance on abortion, substance abuse, and euthanasia.

  • Quality of life – The Netherlands ranks 6th globally under this pillar. The country is generally an excellent choice for families to settle in due to economic and political stability, income equality, safety, and well-developed health and education systems.
  • Entrepreneurship – The Netherlands is a leading exporter of agricultural produce. It is also widely involved in local and cross-border trade. Under entrepreneurship, the Netherlands ranks 10th globally among the best places to live in the world. Primarily, it is due to a skilled and educated population, a well-structured legal framework, and business transparency.
  • Citizenship – Known to deeply respect human and property rights, religious freedom, and gender equality, the Netherlands ranks 4th globally under this subsector. The nation also massively cares for the environment.
  • Adventure – The Netherlands enjoy pleasant summer weather and is rich in natural sceneries and fun spots. As a result, the country ranks 13th globally under this subsector.
  • Cultural influence – The Netherlands is slightly reserved when it comes to embracing cultural diversity. The nation currently ranks 12th here.

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8. Sweden

What is the best country in the world
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Sweden is the 8th best place to live in the world. By geographical coverage, Sweden occupies 450,295 square kilometers of land. Currently, the country's GDP is $551 billion, which is irrefutably impressive, considering that the population is slightly above 10 million.

For centuries, Sweden has maintained neutrality in wars. Overall, the Swedes are considered some of the most generous individuals in the world. The nation donates 1% of their GNP to humanitarian aid. Sweden is a member state of the European Union (E.U.), United Nations (U.N.), World Trade Organization (WTO), among many other societies.

  • Quality of life – Here, Sweden ranks 3rd globally. The country enjoys a well-developed health and education system. College education and health care are free in Sweden. Moreover, the country has an advanced infrastructure system and has experienced low tax rates in the recent past.
  • Entrepreneurship – The nation ranks position 7, under entrepreneurship. Mainly, the entrepreneurship sector is boosted by a well-structured legal framework and the existence of an educated and skilled labor force.
  • Citizenship – Sweden ranks position one here on the list of the best countries to move to in 2020. The nation highly respects human and property rights, religious freedom, and gender equality. Additionally, the country advocates for environmental care.
  • Adventure – Sweden ranks position 20 globally when it comes to having fun and thrill. The country is rich in natural sceneries and has pleasant summer weather.
  • Cultural influence – Sweden occupies position 14 globally here. Like most countries above, Sweden is richly affected by modernization, changing trends, entertainment, and fashion.

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7. United States

Best places to live in the world
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Occupying about 9,833,517 square kilometers, the United States is the 7th best country in the world. The nation is the world's strongest military power. It currently enjoys a $20.5 trillion GDP, the largest in the world.

With the nation now focused on the 2020 election, the world is watching to see if President Trump will be reelected or not. Hence, things are expected to hit up politically in the next few months.

The U.S. comprises 50 states. Its principal exports are electrical items, computers, vehicles, military equipment, food, and chemicals.

It is a member of the U.N., World Bank, and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

  • Quality of life – The U.S. ranks 15th globally under the quality of life. It has a great job market and enjoys a well-developed education and health system. The U.S. is also home to some of the world's most prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Being an economic powerhouse, the U.S. faces several domestic challenges such as income inequality, high cost of living, security concerns, and racial tension. Such factors are the reason why the country ranks 7th among the top countries to live in and not 1st.

  • Entrepreneurship – If there is a place where locals enjoy easy capital access, it must be the United States. What's more, the nation has a well-structured legal framework and enjoys free connectivity to the broader world.

Innovation is also a strong pillar for entrepreneurial success in the U.S. The reasons explain why the 'Land of the Freed' ranks 3rd under entrepreneurship.

  • Citizenship – The United States value religious freedom, gender equality, and the right to property. The biggest challenge, however, is environmental conservation. Each day, there are growing concerns over waste disposal, gas emissions, and industrial chemicals.
  • Adventure – Here, the U.S. ranks 33rd in the world. Leading the line is fun sports. There are so many family-friendly indoor and outdoor parks in major states and cities. The U.S. is known to be a land that upholds literature, music, and art.
  • Cultural influence – The American community is culturally-diversified. Factors like modernity, religion, and trend are increasingly determining the way of life of U.S. citizens.

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6. United Kingdom

Top countries to live in
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It is not by chance that the United Kingdom occupies position 6 among the best countries in the world. The nation has a GDP of $2.8 trillion and only occupies 243,610 square kilometers. The U.K. comprises the island of Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) and Ireland.

The nation's capital is London, and it is a major financial center of the world. The U.K. has a rich history when it comes to industrialization. It is in the U.K. that the industrial revolution commenced, with the aerospace and automobile sectors taking center stage.

The nation has some of the world's leading universities, such as Cambridge, the University of Manchester, and Oxford. The U.K. is a member state of the WTO, World Bank, Group of 20, NATO, and U.N. Security Council.

  • Quality of life – The U.K. occupies position 12 under the quality of life. The education and health systems are a notch higher. Though there are issues with income equality and the cost of living, the nation is economically-stable and generally safe.
  • Entrepreneurship – The U.K. ranks 4th globally under entrepreneurship. Mainly, it is due to the nation's educated and skilled labor force. Access to business capital is also easy, and the infrastructure and legal frameworks are fantastic for entrepreneurs.
  • Citizenship – The United Kingdom ranks position 11 globally in matters to do with property and human rights, religious freedom, and gender equality. The conditions tend to favor immigrants who have been a point of focus in the 21st Century.
  • Adventure – From sports and music to poetry, the U.K. is endowed with some of the best talents in the world. It ranks position 36 here.
  • Cultural influence – Due to so many immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and other European nations, the U.K. is culturally diversified. It currently ranks 5th.

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5. Australia

Australia is amongst the fastest growing economy in the world. It enjoys a GDP of $1.4 trillion. The country is 7,741,220 square kilometers by geographical coverage, and its capital is Canberra. Australia operates under a parliamentary democratic system of government.

The nation highly participates in international sports activities and enjoys a high life expectancy. Like most of the best countries to live in the world, Australia is a member state of the U.N., WTO, the Group of 20, Common Wealth, and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

  • Quality of life – Economically and politically, Australia is stable. That's part of the reason why it ranks 5th globally under the quality of life. Other reasons include an excellent job market, well-developed health and education systems, safety, and family-friendly surroundings.
  • Entrepreneurship – The country performs exceptionally in commerce and job creation. It ranks 9th globally. Some of the reasons to back its standing are educated and skilled population, an excellent infrastructure system, and a well-structured legal framework.
  • Citizenship – Australia ranks 6th globally on this pillar. Primarily, the impressive position is due to the country's respect for human and property rights. The nation also cares for the environment and promotes gender equality and religious freedom.
  • Adventure – Australia occupies position 10 on the international stage in as far as adventure is concerned. From having a collection of leading natural sceneries to a pleasant climate, Australia is a fantastic destination. The local communities are also friendly.
  • Cultural influence – Australia ranks 8th worldwide in cultural influence matters. In recent years, so many immigrants have come to Australia from non-English speaking nations, and they have widely influenced the dynamics of the local culture. The demography of the country has changed a lot due to immigration.

4. Germany

Best countries to live in the world
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Germany is the most populated country within the European Union. It has an area coverage of 357,022 square kilometers, and its capital is Berlin. A parliamentary democratic government runs Germany.

The country has one of the largest economies in the world and currently enjoys $4 trillion in GDP. Germany has an impressive service sector, where telecommunication, tourism, and healthcare lead the line. As a result, the country is home to so many immigrants.

Other than the EU, Germany is a member state of the U.N., NATO, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and Group of 20.

  • Quality of life – Germany ranks 10th globally here. Part of the reason to explain it is the country's fantastic education and health systems. The job market is also getting better by the day, and the nation is more economically and politically stable. Income equality, nevertheless, is still a concern.
  • Entrepreneurship – Wondering what is the best country in the world when it comes to entrepreneurship? The answer is Germany, and this is mostly because of the country's educated and skilled workforce and a well-developed legal and infrastructure system. Locals also have easy access to technology and capital.
  • Citizenship – Ranking at position 10 here, there is so much to love about Germany. The country respects human and property rights, religious freedom, and care for the environment. Additionally, gender equality is a priority, and so is political power distribution.
  • Adventure – Germany ranks 50 here. So, it is not the country's strongest pillar. Nevertheless, the nation has its fair share of fun zones in its major cities. The climate is pleasant, and the locals are usually friendly.
  • Cultural influence – Germany occupies position 15 globally on this pillar. It is mostly thanks to modernization. Other aspects that contribute to the standing include fashion, trend, and entertainment. So, chances are high for immigrants to be culturally-influenced.

3. Japan

Best country to live in
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Japan is one of the world's most high-tech and most literate nations. The country has an area coverage of 377,915 square kilometers and relishes a GDP of $5 trillion. While a large part of the Asian nation is mountainous and forested, the citizens lead an urban lifestyle.

The country has a parliamentary system of government, with a monarchial leader symbolizing national unity. Overall, Japan has the 3rd largest economy globally, and this tends to coincide with its ranking as the 3rd best place to live.

Globally, Japan is famous for traditional art, calligraphy, poetry, and of course, cars and electronics.

  • Quality of life – On this pillar, Japan ranks 14th globally. The notable influencer is the country's well-developed education and health systems. The country is also politically and economically stable and has an incredible job market. It is also safe and family-friendly.
  • Entrepreneurship – Still asking what is the best country to live in and do business? Japan ranks 2nd globally on entrepreneurship. The country enjoys advanced technological expertise and innovation, which plays a significant role in its economy.

The population is skilled and highly educated. The nation also has a well-structured legal framework and provides easy access to adequate capital.

  • Citizenship – Japan ranks 17th globally on citizenship, and it is easy to understand why. The nation is progressive and traditionally respects environmental conservation and property rights. The country also believes in equal distribution of political powers and religious freedom.
  • Adventure – Globally, Japan is the 34th most adventurous country. The country's strong attraction is its natural sceneries, outlined by impressive mountains, expansive seas, and dense woodlands. The country also has a reasonably pleasant climate, and its cities are among the funniest in the world.
  • Cultural influence – Modernity has a massive impact on culture in Japan. The active community is crazy about fashion, trend, and entertainment.

2. Canada

Canada occupies about 9,984,670 square kilometers. By landmass, it is the 2nd largest after Russia. The country enjoys a GDP of $1.7 trillion, and its capital is Ottawa.

Originally, Canada was an assembly of British colonies. It only became an independent nation in 1867. The country employs the British Parliamentary System.

The country is known for sensational artists like Celine Dion, Joni Mitchel, among many others. Canada is a leading exporter of food, minerals, and oil, and this explains its impressive GDP. It is a U.N. member state.

  • Quality of life – Canada is the best place in the world to live and enjoy a quality life. It ranks 1st here because of its exciting job market, family-friendly surrounding, and well-developed health and education systems. What's more, the country is politically and economically stable. It is safe and appreciates income equality.
  • Entrepreneurship – Canada has zero-tolerance for corruption, and it is part of the reason why they rank 6th globally. Canada also has an excellent legal structure for facilitating innovations and business creations. The infrastructure is well-developed, and access to capital is more comfortable. Furthermore, labor is skilled and educated.
  • Citizenship – Canada highly respects both property and human rights. The country also cares for the environment and gender equity. It is among the top countries with absolute religious freedom. The nation supports the fair distribution of political powers. All these reasons explain why it ranks second globally in citizenship.
  • Adventure – Canada is a fantastic travel destination. It is supplied with the most exquisite scenic surroundings, and its cities are filled with the best fun spots. The climate is also friendly, and so are the people. The country ranks 16th here globally.
  • Cultural influence – Canada is generally a top culture influencer. The nation appreciates fashion, diverse entertainment, and modern culture. It ranks 11th globally.

1. Switzerland

What is the best country to live in
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Having area coverage of about 41,277 square kilometers, Switzerland is the best country to live in the world. The European country has a remarkable GDP of 705.5 billion.

Formerly known as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland was founded as a defensive alliance in 1291 and only became an independent nation in 1499. Currently, Sweden comprises 26 cantons, and its capital is Bern.

The country boasts of cultural diversity. It is well identified with the Romania, French, Germany, and Italian languages.

  • Quality of life – Switzerland ranks at position 7 globally, here. The country has one of the best education and public health systems. It also leads the line when it comes to economic stability and safety. Additionally, Switzerland is economically and politically stable.
  • Entrepreneurship – Ranks 5th globally on this pillar, Switzerland is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs to thrive. The population is highly educated and skilled. They have easy access to business capital and relishes a well-developed infrastructure and legal framework.
  • Citizenship – For someone looking for a country that recognizes religious freedom, gender equality, and human and property rights, Switzerland ranks 7th globally.
  • Adventure – Switzerland enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. It also features so many natural sceneries that are a point of attraction to adventurous people. The locals are usually friendly, and overall, this explains why they rank 14th on adventure globally.
  • Cultural influence – Whether it is fashion, modernity, or entertainment, Switzerland is the 10th best country in the world. The prestigious country appreciates the need for cultural diversity on a global scale.

Above are the best countries to live in today. For a quality, peaceful, safe, and comfortable life, the countries discussed are leading the line. You can use the information as a guide to determine where else you can live and have a better experience.


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