Let them drown - Malia Obama allegedly said to Trump supporters hit by hurricane

Let them drown - Malia Obama allegedly said to Trump supporters hit by hurricane

Daughter of ex-president Barack Obama was recently spotted when she allegedly made an awful remark on Trump supporters who got hit by the hurricane, but other sources claimed it isn't true.

The 19-year-old Harvard student, Malia Obama, is in the news today as the online world is buzzing of the apparent claims that she said something unbefitting to the current president's supporters who severely suffered from the devastating wrath of the hurricane Harvey.

She's always been in the spotlight since her father became an influential personality in the country as he previously sat in the highest seat of the government office, and today, Malia is in the news again just like when she was an intern at the Weinstein Co., in New York City.

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It is nothing new for any political personalities and their family members to get involved in a messy rumor or be under the scrutiny of the public's prying eyes.

In as much as a lot of people love the former president, there are still some other people who are not a big fan of his policies and advocacies.

Hence, it is not a surprise to see a member of his family in the headlines.

Celebrity Insider reported that according to some media outlets, apparently, a reporter contacted the former first daughter to ask her thoughts on the president's response to Hurricane Harvey.

Any form of natural disaster brings and leaves a trail of sadness behind, and it is worth noting as it is devastatingly traumatic and sad.

Reports say there were about 70 people killed and hundreds of thousands of homes got submerged by the floods, and there are over thirty-thousand individuals moved out of place.

Overall, Hurricane Harvey brought a tragic suffering and sadness to a lot of people that caused an enormous damage that reportedly between seventy and two-hundred billion dollars.

With this devastating truth and suffering, a story is apparently circulating online that the former first daughter talked to certain 'Joe Smolsteen' who is reportedly the editor of Harvard Quibbler.

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The young lady allegedly said unbefitting remarks on the victims of Hurricane Harvey who apparently voted for Trump.

A lot of people defy this story and said that there's no truth to it.

There are also no substantial reports of confirmations to the claims as we've searched online.

Though, a lot of people agree that the former first daughter is a sweet and respectful girl, and it is evidently eminent how respectable and dignified her parents are.

Could there be any truth to this or this is just another rumor?

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