Nigerian man shares soup you can make for N350, instead of N500 (photo)

Nigerian man shares soup you can make for N350, instead of N500 (photo) earlier reported how some Nigerians shared photo proof of how they made a whole pot of soup while spending as little as N500.

There seems to be an ongoing debate via social media platforms in Nigeria, about the least amount of money one can spend to make a pot of soup especially in this economic hardship the country is currently facing.

Some ladies took to Facebook to share photos of pots of soup they made with amounts ranging from N500- N2,150. One young man who decided to share his own pot of okro soup, says he wants to prove a point by showing off his own made with just N350.

The man, Onah Paschal Chibuzo, was trying to show the difference between spending little amount and getting 'poor quality', and spending a 'considerably large amount' to get better quality.

Sharing his post, Onah, wrote:

"And I was able to economize and got it ready for #350, okro #300, pepper #40, matches #10...Had other stuffs like crayFISH etc. Only comment if you understood the moral lesson here."

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See the 'soup' he made below:

Nigerian man shares ‘optimised soup’ for N350, instead of N500 (pics)
The 'soup' made with N350 Photo: Facebook/ Onah Paschal Chibuzo

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A young lady who appears to be fed up with all the debate on how much one can spend on soup, wrote:

" don't have to prove to the whole world that you are wife material...More than 1 man can't marry you, you only own that to your boo, fiance or stop acting's as if we are celebrating poverty......Cooking okro soup with 500 Naira is what happens once in a while....

As for me, honestly I'm not praying for the kind of hubby that will be giving me 500 Naira every time for soup, oga will I die in okro soup ........

If you want to cook family soup that will last for couple of days oga na N2,500 ooooo.....but without meat or stock fish your wife can manage 1k.......

Some guys are busy dancing up and down, stingy people...... That restaurant or mama put where you eat as bachelor how much do they sell 1 plate of soup and eba with assorted meat�


See her post below:

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See a screenshot of Onah's post below:

Nigerian man shares ‘optimised soup’ for N350, instead of N500 (pics)
Onah shared the breakdown of the 'soup' he made with N350. Photo: Facebook/ Onah Paschal Chibuzo

Would you eat this?

Meanwhile, watch this video to find out whether N1,000 is enough to make a pot of soup:


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